5 for 5 Friday – Week of Sept 17 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get out of your comfort zone   Teeny Note from “Moi” This week is about getting outside of your comfort zone. BECAUSE… when you do things you’ve never done before you grow. Your mind expands, your confidence builds and your results increase. YES! Let’s Grow! P.S. You are NOT gonna believe my video of the […]

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5 for 5 Friday – Week of Sept 10 Asking for Help Is a Strength

A Note from Amy Women are warriors! (But you already knew that;)). And I believe, generally, they have a warrior mentality. They go through life, assessing what needs to get done and they do it… without much complaining and primarily without asking for help. I know… I’m a woman. And I’ve gone through most of […]

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5 for 5 Friday – Peace and Quiet? YES! Get your family to buy in.

Note from Amy The need that each of us innately has for peace and quiet cannot be overstated. It is where we reboot, reenergize, and get creative. It is where we have epiphanies and gain the necessary insights to improve our lives. It is where we can learn about our deepest desires and appreciate what […]

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Fitting Meditation Into Your Busy Life

Meditation’s quite the rage these days. Even high profilers are engaged in “om” techniques: Gisele Bundchen, Madonna, Hugh Jackman, Russell Simmons, Gwyneth Paltrow, Clint Eastwood, Katy Perry–even Oprah is meditating. And for good reason. Active meditation yields mind-blowing results. Hundreds of studies conducted by organizations, universities and neuroscientists (including: Yale, Harvard, UCLA, The Global NeuroScience […]

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From Panic to Power


Let’s be honest. Running a business is challenging. And running a business as well as a family is even more challenging. Every day, we must make choices about what to do to promote and sustain our business. And we must overcome fears of all kinds: fear of failure, success, change, stagnancy, feeling overwhelmed, and not […]

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What's Killing My Productivity?

What’s killing my productivity?

Many entrepreneurs set out to achieve their dreams with tireless effort and zeal; after a while, though, they often feel burned out and discouraged. This is a shame, but it’s hardly surprising. Just think of the time, energy, sweat, and tears that go into trying to be successful. It’s beyond devastating when it seems like […]

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Tony Robbins and Nanine McCool

Lisa Steadman and I discuss what went on between Nanine McCool and Tony Robbins in the #METOO Movement

This whole Tony Robbins thing hit my #MeToo nerve. The courage that Nanine McCool showed by challenging such an influential, big, powerful man moved me. Now I am a huge Tony Robbins fan – honestly, I have learned a lot from him. He has dedicated his life to the empowerment of others. But this incident […]

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Amy Talks About Fear and Doubt With Alena Chapman

My 30 Minute Moments radio interview with Alena Chapman was AWESOME! We talked about real stuff. Like… how to be focused, driven AND grounded, which is a pretty tricky combination. We talked about fear, and I shared how I deal with it on a daily basis. And… we spoke about the value of meditation – […]

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