5 Steps To Growing Your Business When You’re Freaking Busy

Women who own businesses are badass. Throw a coupla’ kids into the mix? You’re pretty much a superhero, right? But […]

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Amy 5 for Friday Blog

Amy’s 5 for Friday – Take Time Off. Guilt Free!

YOU DESERVE A BREAK. You work hard. Real hard. And there is nothing WORSE than taking a break and feeling […]

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Smartphone Addiction

Amy’s 5 for Friday – STEP AWAY. FROM. THE DEVICE.

A little note: Are you addicted to your device? You know the signs: You panic when you can’t find your […]

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Amy's 5 for Friday The Future Sucks

Amy’s 5 for Friday – The Future Sucks!

A little note: I’ve been feeling down in the dumps this last week. Feeling hopeless about the future and having […]

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Amy’s 5 for Friday – Taking Control of Your Life

A little note… Do you ever feel out of control? Like you just don’t have a handle on things, whether […]

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Amy’s 5 for Friday – Life by Design

Quote I’m thinking about: “You can’t implement anything new if you don’t imagine something new first.” – Amy Applebaum I […]

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Could Lack Of Self-Awareness Be To Blame For These 5 Bad Habits?

Are you living on autopilot? Going from here to there with little introspection about how you’re making decisions or interacting […]

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Amy’s 5 for Friday – Are You Listening to Yourself?

A Note from Amy: I’ve been on a spiritual journey for the last year. Digging deep. Listening from within. I […]

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