Fun Facts about Amy

  • I really enjoy chocolate, artichokes, and sourdough bread. I really do NOT enjoy cilantro.
  • I’m a full-blown oral hygiene freak leading the brush-your-mouth  revolution. Why in the world have dentists been teaching us to just brush our teeth. The whole mouth is loaded w/ stinky germs: teeth, gums, cheeks, roof of the mouth, and especially the tongue. Let’s do this, people!
  • I can’t draw. Anything. I try but my pen just won’t listen.
  • I’m a Whole Foods Junkie. Love that everything is labeled and I know exactly what I’m putting in my body.
  • Raw oatmeal and a George Michael song changed my life.
  • My role models: Ellen because she understands fans and community better than anybody. Jessica Alba because she built an incredible business and brand, The Food Babe because she dedicates her life and business to our health.

Other random facts:

I was a competitive gymnast.

My first job was selling “get the stink out” spray at the fair. Seriously.

I love my child more than I could have ever imagined loving anything.

I LOVE Taylor Swift, Air Supply and Bruno Mars!

Let’s Work Together!