Amy’s 5 for Friday – Taking Control of Your Life

A little note…

Do you ever feel out of control? Like you just don’t have a handle on things, whether it be in your business or your personal life? It’s ok. You just temporarily lost sight of your inner badass!

Let’s get it back girl!

Song That’s Pumping Me Up!: Rachel Patton, Fight Song

When I want to take my control back and dominate my life, I start by listening to this song by Rachel Patton and it pumps me up. Even if you’ve heard it, listen to it again and see how you feel. Ya know… “how you feel” is what gets you in or out of motion. When you are inspired, passionate, feeling activated mentally and physically, you go for more in your life. That’s when courage shows up. That’s when going beyond what you thought was possible becomes possible. Don’t ever underestimate how you feel. It’s the launch pad for everything amazing you’ve put into your life and the world. Inspire the “positive potential” that lives inside of you by listening to music that fills your soul.

Quote I’m thinking about:

“ I AM awesome, dammit!” – Amy Applebaum
Let’s start our week here, shall we?!!! Yah, I think so. You are a WOMAN! That makes you a bad-ass by default! You are smart. Think about how many lives you’ve contributed to! Seriously. Think of how many people have been impacted by your love, nurturing, planning, courage, success, ideas? Yah. Time to remember who you are and what you’re capable of. Just sayin’…

Video That Moved Me: FLY

When I want to be in control of my life… When I want to feel empowered and ready to stare my dreams in the face and say, “I’m coming for ya” (yes, I did just say that)… I watch this video – gets me going every single time:

New Snack I’m Enjoying: Vegan Pesto Sauce!

So last week I shared with you that I’m eating lots of squash. Well, I just found my new favorite sauce to put on my squash. Vegan Pesto Sauce!

Oh yah. This is the best pesto sauce I’ve ever had in my life. Sounds dramatic but filled with truth! Why add cheese if you don’t need to? Exactly. And when I eat squash w/ pesto, I’m not gonna lie… it releases my inner Wonder Woman. I feel powerful and in control. Try it and tell me you don’t. I dare ya!

“DO IT” for The Week: Take Control

The first step in taking control of your life is to say, “I’m in control and I know what I want.” So… (please), say this out loud, “What do I want?” And don’t then say, “I don’t know.” Because you DO know. Down deep you know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. What you like and what you don’t. What you want and what you don’t. You may not be in touch with it because you’ve chosen to be more concerned about what others want, but, that doesn’t mean you don’t know. You may be scared to admit the truth to yourself because if you do, you might find out that what you want isn’t what you’ve created for yourself. But, again, that doesn’t mean that you don’t know. You know! The first step to taking control of your life is to choose to be the leader of your life. To say, “I’m in control and what I want matters!” Practice choosing YOU this week!

Have a great week!

~ Amy