Changemaker.  Trendsetter.  Life-changer.  Innovator.

Business coach, guided meditation expert, author, and speaker… Amy Applebaum continues to help the masses while setting industry standards in the wide world of goals and dreams. From money to health to business and beyond, Amy’s unique insight and intuition have helped thousands of people find the inner zen and outer oomph they’ve been seeking.

Whether you know Amy from her coaching services or through MOVE, her digital library of guided meditations, her work is grounded in the same firm belief: “success is just as much about “how you think” as it is about “what you do”.

Amy’s coaching caters to today’s female entrepreneur and proudly leads the revolution in bringing women to the forefront of today’s business and financial world with programs like “Release Your Inner Millionaire”, UP private coaching, and her book, Frustrated to Fabulous.  

She’s been quoted and featured in the following publications: NY Times, The International Herald Tribune, Cosmopolitan, Shape, Figure Magazine, and Woman’s World, and has appeared on ABC News, CNN, TLC, and Martha Stewart, to name a few.

Because Amy’s work is built on the idea that thoughts and beliefs determine actions and behaviors, she became a certified hypnotherapist to give her clients the most powerful and well-rounded approach to success.

The culmination of her experience as a coach led to the creation of MOVE which features over 100 guided meditations for today’s seeker of goals and pursuer of dreams. With over 500,000 downloads on iTunes & Audible and a streaming service on, she’s rapidly becoming the go-to voice for women who want it all.

Amy endeavors to keep her full life balanced and when she isn’t busy with work, she’s busy momming and spending every waking moment she can with her family.

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