My Signature 90 Day
Life Success Bootcamp

SOAR is my exclusive one-on-one 90 day Bootcamp, designed to help smart and sassy women (yes, I’m talking to YOU) get what they really want in life.

The celebrated program combines cutting edge coaching techniques, guaranteed-to-work exercises and high-level accountability to get you moving towards your dreams.

Whether you are looking for more self-confidence, healthier relationships or a better bottom line, SOAR is your ticket.

The concept is simple.

It will just be you and me.

You will enjoy complete privacy.

Together we will:

1) DISCOVER EXACTLY where you want to go (and the blocks that hold you back)

2) DESIGN a plan of action—a map to shift your mindset and move forward

3) DO! Most importantly of all, we will TAKE ACTION. We will double down with a super clear list of ‘first do this, then do that’ life-enhancing steps that will keep you on track to achieving your goals.

That’s because SOAR is all about getting REAL RESULTS. REAL FAST.
The goal is to help you start living the life you love…where you are happy, anxiety-free, confident and in control.

A life of design that you live on your OWN terms.

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A library of guided meditations designed to reboot your thoughts about money, health, relationships, self-love and motherhood.

This library of over 100 carefully created meditations is the only one of its kind on the marketplace, designed and written specifically to erase the negative thoughts that block you from achieving your health goals
– whether you want to lose weight, make more money or strengthen your relationships.

The key to success is a MIND GAME.

Your biggest challenge is what’s going on between your two ears.

It’s the self -sabotage.

The critical defeating conversation you have daily with yourself.

The words you whisper to yourself that destroy your chances of being the greatest version of you.

Silence the buzz in your mind and construct a new future for yourself.

Guided meditation is a highly effective tool to do that.

Best part of guided meditation is that it allows you to tap into the power of meditation—without having to meditate at all!

All you have to do is put earbuds in and listen (or simply fall asleep) and just let the magic happen.

You effortlessly and easily reboot your mind literally in your sleep.

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From Frustrated to Fabulous


This book is designed to help busy women-preneurs achieve the success they seek.

It was written for any woman who feels she has lost her way in life and wants to carve out a balanced and successful life, free of anxiety and overwhelm.

Think of this book as your own personal trainer, leading you step-by-step towards the life you have always dreamed of.

The book shares uses many of the same techniques I use in my Private Coaching (checklists, action steps, quizzes and assignments), all essential tools in achieving extraordinary results in record time.

The book is divided into the following 6 fundamental steps:


Uncover your real problem.

Discover what you want.

Understanding how your thinking causes your problem.

Shift your thinking.

Identify how your actions can cause your problem.

Take action now!

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