Could Lack Of Self-Awareness Be To Blame For These 5 Bad Habits?

Are you living on autopilot? Going from here to there with little introspection about how you’re making decisions or interacting with the people around you?

Our fast-paced lives and many obligations can leave us feeling like a pinball, getting whapped around at a dizzying pace. And what happens? We do the best we can with what we have, but somewhere in the back of our minds we know something just ain’t right…

What’s at the crux of the problem?

It’s hard to live in a powerful way when your habits are running the show… If you want to achieve your goals and live in a way that feels 100% good to you, it’s time to get out of autopilot and into a more deliberate way of living that’s fueled by self-awareness.

Are These Damaging Habits Running Your Show?

Not Standing Up For Yourself

You know that sinking feeling when you agree to do something that either A) isn’t your job B) you don’t want to do, or C) you don’t like doing? Saying NO is hard, and standing up for yourself is something that takes practice and constant attention.

Making Snap Decisions You Regret Later

“Sure, Sharon, I’ll have that 4,000 page report to you by this afternoon”. Or, “YES! I’m going to quit my job and move to Costa Rica to become a yoga guru with zero savings and no real plan”.

Be it something little or something big, making decisions without taking the time to really check in with yourself – your wants, needs, and current capabilities – can put you into a bad situation that’s hard to pull yourself out of.

Not Challenging Limiting Beliefs About Yourself

Do you find yourself saying “no” to trying new things because that vicious voice in your head tells you you aren’t smart enough or good enough or WHATEVER enough? When your life is ruled by limiting beliefs, achieving your goals and moving forward can feel like trudging through knee deep mud.

Staying In Relationships That No Longer Serve You

Whether it’s personal or professional, humans tend to gravitate towards familiarity when it comes to who we spend time with. Learning to move on when a relationship no longer feels good can be one of the most difficult things you do. On the flip side, staying around people who are toxic, abusive, or that you’ve outgrown does nothing to help you live an empowered life.

Reacting Emotionally

When someone says something that pokes your inner-bear does your calm and collected get up and go while your inner-emotionally-erratic-toddler takes the wheel? This is a tough one to tackle, but well worth the effort. When you have control over your reactions you’re stepping into a position of power that will serve you throughout your entire life.

What Can You Do To Break These Habits?

Here are 3 self-awareness strategies that’ll take you off that autopilot setting and into control.

Elicit Your Values

AKA, know what’s most important to you. It sounds simple, but life is full of complex situations and having a set of standard values in place can help you make decisions that feel good to you and keep you out of unsavory situations.

Practice Listening To Yourself

When you’re on the go-go-go, this is something most of us just don’t take time to do. That’s OK – you can easily start now! You know that little voice in your head that can feel like a fleeting thought or, in some cases, the voice of reason? If your mind gets quiet and you cut out the chatter, you can begin to hear a guiding voice that has your highest good as the top priority.

You can use tools like meditation, yoga, tai chi, or journaling to help with this strategy. It takes practice, but it’s well worth it!

Giving Yourself Space Before Making Choices

There’s a lot to consider when faced with a choice; your needs and wants and the needs and wants of everyone else your decision affects. Too often, we want to please people so we tend to make snap decisions based on the “are they still gonna like me” factor…

Making choices based on an underlying fear of not being accepted vs. your own values, needs, wants, and goals is pretty counterproductive, so why not give yourself space to mull it over before you say YES or NO? I call it… the 24 hour rule… gonna sleep on it and get back to you…

Most of these strategies are easier said than done – becoming self-aware takes a lot of practice and requires you to be deliberate about the way you live. With some grit, perseverance, and practice, you can go from autopilot and damaging habits to a conscious way of life that serves your highest good.

Want a little boost?

If you’d like some extra help, check out, Be In Control: Take Your Power Back , one of my guided meditations in the MOVE library. This will address your thoughts and beliefs so you can get into more powerful action as you work towards shedding old ways that no longer serve you.

Could Lack Of Self-Awareness Be To Blame For These 5 Bad Habits?

Here’s to living a powerful, deliberate life full of success, love, and joy.