Amy's 5 for Friday The Future Sucks

Amy’s 5 for Friday – The Future Sucks!

A little note: I’ve been feeling down in the dumps this last week. Feeling hopeless about the future and having nightmares about what kind of a life my 5-year-old is going to have. When our water and air have been polluted beyond recognition, people hate each other all over the world, and we are having more and more natural disasters – I’m literally sitting in my work chair with a mask on because of the fires here in California. And it’s Thanksgiving week!  

WTF??? This is not normal. I am happy most of the time.

Then… it hit me…

My Perspective

The culprit… the reason for my upset… MY PERSPECTIVE.

It sucks.  My perspective just stinks! I’ve been watching the news every night.  I mean if you watch the news for a few hours, it’s pretty easy to get sucked up into the horrors that are out there – this child was molested, this school got shot up, your Halloween candy has blades in it, political upheaval.  And you can’t help but think the entire world is falling apart. But, this perspective is inaccurate. There are incredible things happening all over the world. I just haven’t been focusing on them. And, YOU GET WHAT YOU FOCUS ON. So if you think about everything that is depressing in the world, you are sure to become depressed, like I did this last week.

The Solution?

I needed to stop watching the news. So I did.  I deleted my “news” app from my phone and didn’t watch the news on TV. I’m not gonna lie, it was painful at first – which was my 1st indication that I had become addicted to the news. Then, after two days of fighting the urge to watch, something strange and fabulous happened.

I started to feel better! I started feeling more hopeful and positive about the future. I CAN exercise control over what I consume. Hello Amy! Last week I researched eco-villages and vacation plans. I thought about an immersion school for my child. I finished a book I’ve wanted to read for the last year. I began a new friendship. And my husband started reading the 1st book of Harry Potter to me and my daughter. Soooooo fun!

Bottom line, we have a choice about what we focus on. Take that choice seriously. Want to see the good in the world… CHOOSE TO SEE IT!

So this weeks 5 for Friday is dedicated to showcasing good stuff. So pull out the kleenex and lets cry because of something beautiful and inspiring shall we?

Inspiration #1: Reading with your Family! Instead of watching tv, read to each other. My husband started reading the 1st Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone to me and Michaela. Sooooo fabulous. We both are enjoying it and plan to read the whole series as a family. Now that’s what I’m talking about. And if it seems strange because you haven’t had someone read to you since you were 5, try it – you’ll be surprised. And you can take turns reading with your honey. You don’t need a 5 year old to enjoy this simple, inspiring and bonding past time.

Harry Potter


Inspiration #2: Garbage Collector saves 93-year-old from California Campfire! Oh.. you’ll want to read this:)

Garbage Collector and 93 Year Old


Inspiration #3: How this amputee overcame bullies, and is now a top model! Duh!! I can’t believe it has taken us this long to get here – but I’m sure glad we are here!! I’m focusing on the cup half full for sure! Check out this gorgeous, smart, determined girl who became a model and role-model for us all.

Role model, disabled model


Inspiration #4: Lilly Singh! Hustler Extraordinaire. Do you know her? I didn’t – what a superwoman! Watch this video if you’re feeling like you’re working your tush off and not getting anywhere. Or, if you’re just feeling like it’s never gonna happen for you.

Inspiration #5: Ellen and Michelle Obama in Costco! Yeah… while this may not be exactly inspiring – it will put you in a good mood! HILARIOUS!

Focus on Inspiration and you’ll live an inspired life! It’s that simple.

Chat again next week.


~ Amy


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Have a wonderful weekend, all!