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Amy’s 5 for Friday – Take Time Off. Guilt Free!


You work hard. Real hard. And there is nothing WORSE than taking a break and feeling badly about it the entire time. “I should be working.” “I feel lazy.” “I don’t deserve time off.” “I’m I’m not productive, I’m not valuable.” These thoughts will pretty much ruin your “time-off.”

Listen… you deserve time off.

To recharge.

To rethink about your business and life from a new, relaxed perspective.

To get inspired.

Taking time off clears your brain and recalibrates everything. Taking time off increases your productivity, replenishes your attention, solidifies memories and reignites your creativity.

I come up with my best ideas during fun, family time or when I’m hiking in the fresh air. Taking time off is a necessity. Truly. It’s the boost that every business and life needs at the end of a year of working hard.

So take it… TAKE TIME OFF!

And don’t you dare choose to feel guilty about it. I mean why would you destroy this incredible opportunity to have fun and recharge your brilliance? Come on now!!

Choose to want it. Love it. Embrace it!!

Quote I’m thinking about:

This is one of my new favorite quotes!!

“Sometimes it’s important to work for that pot of gold. But other times it’s essential to take time off and make sure that your most important decision of the day simply consists of choosing which color to slide down on the rainbow.”

– Douglas Pagels


ABSOLUTELY LOVE this song by Jes Hudak. It’s one of my favorite and I’d like to dedicate it to you:

I believe we came into each other’s lives for a reason.

I believe that you have a ton to offer and contribute and that you are ready to “go for it!” And that you reached out to me because you want the inspiration, encouragement, and support in “going for it.”

I take that job and YOU very seriously. So let me encourage and celebrate YOU! Enjoy. You deserve to!!!

Favorite Read of The Week:

Love this article, 3 Reasons You Need More Downtime in Your Life by Dan Erickson

3 Reasons You Need More Downtime In Your Life

Video That Made Me Laugh HARD!

Now, this dog knows what’s she’s doing!

She fully understands the meaning of DOWNTIME! Makes me want to purchase a sled RIGHT NOW!

“DO IT” for The Week:

Plan guilt-free downtime this holiday season! No excuses.

Step 1 – GET CREATIVE: What fun things can you do this holiday season? Brainstorm: Fun holiday gatherings, weekend getaways, breakfast in bed, book-reading, adventures, friend time, alone time, date night, game night. Whatever your heart desires!

Step 2 – SCHEDULE DOWNTIME: Get downtime into the calendar: Whatever your heart desires – make it real – SCHEDULE IT.

Step 3 – COMMUNICATE DOWNTIME WITH EVERYONE: Your peeps need to know that you’re planning downtime. So let your customers know and tell everyone who needs to know, what your holiday schedule is so there are no surprises.

You get one life to live – want it to be an overworked, exhausted and congested life? Or a life with fun, inspiration, creativity, and bonding? You choose!!

Happy Downtime Planning!!

~ Amy