Hiring a Business Coach

Hiring a Business Coach: 7 Important Things to Watch Out For

Been thinking about hiring a business coach but not sure whether or not to take the plunge? Good. You should be cautious. Especially nowadays. When I became a business coach, 22 years ago, I was one of the first ones in the U.S., Canada and Australia. The International Coaching Federation hadn’t even been founded yet. […]

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Ground Level Opportunity What Should I Do

Ground Level Opportunity – What Should I Do?

Over the last week I was offered an incredible GROUND LEVEL opportunity. You know the story… An opportunity that comes once in a lifetime – playing with majors in the industry. And as an entrepreneur, I know you know what this feels like, a really freaking cool opportunity shows up–you grab that bull by the […]

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how to stop multitasking

How to Stop Multitasking

It’s probably not on your mind to learn how to stop multitasking, but it should be. You might think that the ability to multitask is essential for an entrepreneur like yourself who is trying to start or run a business. Not so! Multitasking is actually one of the least productive ways that women use when […]

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wishing for a 9 to 5

I’m Wishing For A 9 to 5 Right Now. How About You?

I had a dream wishing for a 9 to 5. I was waiting tables at a local restaurant. Smiling. Bringing people food to enjoy. Handling their problems: “My food isn’t hot enough.” “I didn’t order this.” “Do you have a highchair?” And when I woke up… I thought to myself… that sounds really great!! For […]

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Your work isn’t valuable AT ALL…

Your work isn’t valuable AT ALL… said no one ever! You know what? Your biggest problem, is that you don’t realize how VALUABLE your time is. As women, we are problem solvers. Most of the time, that’s a freakin’ great thing. But sometimes it’s the WORST thing we can be. I was working with a […]

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girl sitting on the floor with a laptop raising his arms with a look of success

You MUST Believe Or Quit

You Must Believe or Quit. It’s true. Too many times we doubt ourselves and say: “It’s HARD TO BELIEVE that I CAN achieve my dreams.” I’ve been hearing some form of this “belief” a lot lately.  And I get it – you have no proof of success and you’ve been hitting a brick wall and […]

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grocery store

Sometimes You Gotta Lead With Your Nose

I’m in Whole Foods, walking through the “bread/goodies” section to make my way to the Almond Milk (which is why I went to the store). And BOOM! I almost fall over a basket in the middle of the floor. I’m thinking, “What is this basket doing in the freaking walkway?” I glance down and staring […]

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never believe

You Will Never Believe What I Just Witnessed!

I NEED A BATH! Unfortunately, a rejuvenating bath is an almost impossible luxury given that I’m a Mom of a highly energetic 3 year old. But, THIS morning I was feeling particularly needy. So, I set my daughter, Michaela, up in her room with a movie. I know, I know…but give me some slack. Michaela’s […]

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