girl sitting on the floor with a laptop raising his arms with a look of success

You MUST Believe Or Quit

You Must Believe or Quit. It’s true. Too many times we doubt ourselves and say:

“It’s HARD TO BELIEVE that I CAN achieve my dreams.”

I’ve been hearing some form of this “belief” a lot lately.  And I get it – you have no proof of success and you’ve been hitting a brick wall and so it seems hard to believe that you will, indeed, achieve success.

But what makes this belief true?

YOU do. You make it true by believing it. You could just as easily choose to believe that IT’S EASY TO BELIEVE that success can and will happen for you.

And what if you did? What if you chose that believing in yourself was easy?

Consider that for a minute. Just chew on it. What would be possible for you? What would you do differently if you believed, without a shadow of a doubt, that you would achieve the dream you’ve set out to?

(Take a minute to contemplate this.)

Then consider that your beliefs are just thoughts that you’ve practiced believing over and over and over. And now you claim they are THE TRUTH.

You have a Phd in your current way of thinking. I mean, after all, you’ve been practicing that thinking for almost your entire life.

Now if you want a new, empowered, successful way of thinking, you’re going to have to to subscribe to new thoughts, empowering thoughts, thoughts that OPEN UP YOUR WORLD!  And you’re going to have to practice those thoughts over and over and over until you get a PhD in this new way of thinking.

Success, whether in your business or personal life, ONLY comes to those who believe that success is possible.

And please don’t misunderstand the word success to mean “money.” Success is about having a dream and working to achieve it. The choice is to believe or quit for a reason. Success is determined by you and only you. Likewise ONLY YOU can determine if you’ve achieved it.

It starts with belief.