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How to Be A Millionaire Stay at Home Mom Through Network Marketing

Millionaire Stay at Home Mom

Are you feeling sapped of energy? Stuck in your circumstances? Exhausted? Overstressed? Do you feel as though your time isn’t your own? And are you asking yourself, “how did I get here,” “whose life is this?” If you are feeling like it is time for a life transformation mentally, physically, spiritually and/or financially, then you must tune-in to this week’s episode of “Pitch Me Mom’s.” Dawn Ferrentino, author of “Overstressed Accountant to Millionaire Mom,” understands what it feels like to just want to throw your hands up and give up. As a millionaire stay at home she knows what it feels like to be on automatic – just going through the motions of your life but not feeling connected to your life. Not feeling happy. Not feeling like you have a purpose – a reason to get up everyday.

In this “Pitch Me Moms” episode hosted by business and life coach Amy Applebaum, Dawn shares how she transformed her life. Literally. From… “Unable to Get Off the Couch” to, “Thriving Physically & Financially – in 10 short months.” And the best part of this incredibly inspiring interview with millionaire entrepreneur, Dawn Ferrentino, is that if you focus on Dawn’s 4 key areas of success, you can do transform your life. You can turn your life into a life filled with purpose, meaning and excitement. You can turn your life into the life you have always dreamed of having. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. I assure you. I see it everyday. If you are committed and ready to make a change, then it is more than possible for you – it’s inevitable. It is more than possible for you to change your circumstances. You can change your entire life if you want to. And… we are not saying that you should want to change your entire life. But, the reality is that YOU CAN. You can change any part of your life that does NOT work for you. Whether it’s related to money, your mindset, your physical being, your spiritual being, your career path. Not only are you going to learn how to be a stay at home millionaire mom through network marketing in this podcast, but you are going to learn how you can shift your mindset, your attitude, and your zest for life. You are going to learn how Dawn transformed her financial life, as well as her physical life. You are going to then see how Dawn translated that transformation into inspiring others to do the same. When you’re ready to make the changes to your life and business you can do the same – Let’s Go!

Before her incredible life transformation, Dawn was exhausted and felt trapped in her day to day life with no understanding of what to do and no energy to do it. She was living a life that she did not love. A life that did not inspire her to get up out of bed in the morning. Over time, this way of living robbed her of her energy and enthusiasm and a change was mandatory if she was going to make the most out her life and achieve her full potential. Today Dawn is not only living a life that she loves, but she is helping women all over the world live lives that they love. She is inspiring people through her story. So please join Amy and Dawn. Your life, your family, and your business deserve the time investment for this podcast. You will not be disappointed.