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Attraction Marketing: The Easy Way to Skyrocket Your Business Through Social Media

AmyPodcastCover3Is your social media presence less than stellar? Are you tired of spending hours on one social media post to only receive 3 likes? It’s time to try Attraction Marketing. On this episode of, “Pitch Me Moms,” multi-millionaire, Amber Voight, shares with host, Amy Applebaum, an incredibly simple social media system she uses that took her from being homeless to making millions. In this episode you’ll learn what to post, when to post, where to post, and how much time and energy you should spend on social. Amber and Amy will tell you whether you have to be an extrovert to make it in social and how much of your life you need to share. If you want Amber’s proven social media system, listen in to this episode of “Pitch Me Moms.”