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Are You Committed To Your Business?

are you committed to your business

Are you committed to your business? Really? Are you sure? Because if you fail, it is 100% your fault? You know this right? Not sure you agree? Well, let’s think about this for a minute. If you are not responsible for the failure and/or success of your business, then who is? And if it is not you, well I recommend you RUN AWAY from your business. I mean if someone else is in charge of your business’s success or failure then just bow out and let whomever is in charge take over. And by all means, make sure that whomever is taking over your business will not be holding you responsible financially. I think you are getting the picture. We have a choice in life and business. (And it is a choice). We can choose to take charge of our life and business, ALL OF IT. Or we can give up control to life events and circumstances and other people. If you choose to take responsibility, 100%, then you will then have to accept responsibility for the choices that you make.

What’s fantastic about making this choice is that you then can grow and learn from what you do. You can achieve your full potential. Your business can achieve its full potential. But if you give up control and put the responsibility of your life and business in the hands of others, you can’t achieve your full potential. And that’s ok. If you make the choice to NOT take responsibility, you can also blame others for “why” your business and life are not successful. This can be temporarily nice, I guess, not having to take responsibility. But at the end of the day, not taking responsibility also means not being able to do anything about your success or failure. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound fun. I want to drive “my bus.” I don’t want others to drive “my bus.” So tune-in to this week’s episode of Pitch Me Moms, where model, actress and entrepreneur, Nancy Pop, pitches Amy on her idea for a website that’s basically Buzzfeed for Art, including memberships and sponsored ads. Will Nancy’s idea fly? Will Nancy fly? Will Nancy admit whether or not she is REALLY WILLING TO DO what it takes for this type of a business to succeed? Will she take responsibility for where this business is at today? And why it’s not growing? Listen to find out!