grocery store

Sometimes You Gotta Lead With Your Nose

I’m in Whole Foods, walking through the “bread/goodies” section to make my way to the Almond Milk (which is why I went to the store). And BOOM! I almost fall over a basket in the middle of the floor. I’m thinking, “What is this basket doing in the freaking walkway?” I glance down and staring up at me were MULTIPLE loaves of warm, sugary, frosted, homemade cinnamon bread. WHOA. The smell almost killed me. AAAAAAMAAAAAAZING. See where we’re going here? Sometimes you gotta lead with your nose.

(I neglected to tell you that I was on the phone with my business partner, Esther Spina, which is probably why I “missed” seeing the cinnamon bread-filled basket.) But, I digress… the point is that I was tempted to grab a loaf and so I shared with her that I was contemplating this oh-so-evil deed and she said, loudly, “WALK AWAY. JUST WALK AWAY.” And I said, “yah….” and I did.

I went and got my 365 Brand Almond Milk, grabbed some bananas and walked to the check-out line at the other end of the store. I’m in line, loading my almond milk onto the conveyor belt and THERE IT IS…STARING UP AT ME…

ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? It’s another basket of cinnamon bread. At the check-out stand. Of all the products in the store, it’s the freaking iced, warm cinnamon bread.

I looked at it and with almost no hesitation, I loaded it on the conveyor belt – no guilt whatsoever. I decided it was divine intervention. I mean someone wanted me to have that bread today and I’ll be damned if I’m gonna mess with the spiritual world.

And you know what I called it? “A little indulgence for Amy” because I deserve it. I work hard. So I went home, put 4 pieces in the toaster: 2 for me and 2 for my hubby. Then we buttered them (cuz they needed more fat) and ate them. And it was AAAAAMMAAAAAZING! And then, I started my day. Happy, fulfilled.

It’s OK to indulge. Follow your heart, lead with your nose, but do what makes you happy. Enjoyment is an important part of life. Us women need to do it more. Whether it’s nails or vacation or reading time or cinnamon bread… Enjoy today. You deserve it!