Ground Level Opportunity What Should I Do

Ground Level Opportunity – What Should I Do?

Over the last week I was offered an incredible GROUND LEVEL opportunity with a new company where I could extend insider travel savings that beat out anything you could find on Travelocity or Priceline to people I know. An opportunity to be at the top of this revolutionary, disruptive global company.

An opportunity that comes once in a lifetime – playing with majors in the industry.

And as an entrepreneur, I know you know what this feels like, a really freaking cool opportunity shows up–you grab that bull by the horns, baby!

So… should I do it?

Or not?

I mean I’m freaking busy. New Ambitious Women Success Club business which is growing each month. New YouTube Channel. New meditation product – Unleash Your Confidence in 30 Days. Daughter. Husband.

How could I possibly fit this in? But how can I pass this up? Hmmmm… What should I do? What would you do?

Well this is an important question because as business owners we get presented with new opportunities every day. And deciding what to do can be VERY challenging.

Some people don’t decide, they just jump into every distraction/opportunity that comes their way. The problem with this route is that you never gain any traction with anything because you jump around too much. For your business to succeed you have to stick with it. Give it love and attention. SELL and find ways to bring in leads consistently until the business is healthy and prospering and systematized.

And some people NEVER jump in. The problem here is you miss out on important opportunities.

So, back to my dilemma. At first it might seem like an easy… YES. Hello? Are you stupid? Silly? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Or… for some of you it’s an obvious, “NO!”

But it’s not that simple.

And the truth is there is no “one-answer-fits-all.” Every person and situation is unique. YOU are unique and so is your life, your dreams, your goals and circumstances.

Here’s what I do that really helps me decide.

First, I ask myself some questions:

How does this idea/project/venture support my current vision and goals and other endeavors?
How much time will it take?
Is it important enough that I will make that time?
Will it equate to money?
If not, does it matter to me?

Once I’ve answered those, I have a good sense of whether I’m going to do it or not.

So am I going to do it? YES! I am. It supports what I do. It supports where I’m going. It’s a HUGE money-making ground level opportunity and helps me get to my next place.

A toast to making choices!