Your work isn’t valuable AT ALL…

Your work isn’t valuable AT ALL… said no one ever!

You know what? Your biggest problem, is that you don’t realize how VALUABLE your time is.

As women, we are problem solvers. Most of the time, that’s a freakin’ great thing. But sometimes it’s the WORST thing we can be.

I was working with a private client the other day, (whom I’ve gotten permission from to share this story) and she was telling me all about how after two years of owning her own business, she wanted to make more money appear in her bank account so she could treat herself to something she felt was worth her two-years of hard work. She wanted to treat herself to a Louis Vuitton bag… a BIG one.

Now, I’m not one to judge people for how they want to spend their money. While I’d prefer some new panties (it’s TIME) or a vacation with my family (IT’S REALLY TIME)… if you want a big ‘ole Louis bag? GO GET IT GIRL.

So my client was telling me all about how she’d created an elaborate spreadsheet of her finances to see where she could move things around and cut costs so that she could afford this “Louis” Bad Boy.

“I know I can make this work,” she said. “I just have to get my sh*t together, financially.”

As soon as she finished showing me her budget-contortionist plan, I took a deep breath and (almost) screamed…  


The second she told me she wanted more money in her bank account, I knew exactly how  she could get it: GENERATE MORE MONEY! .

When she started telling me about re-configuring her budget, I cringed. I let her finish her story, because she needed to hear herself say the crazy thing she was saying out loud. She had worked so hard to build her business, yet she wanted to problem-solve her way out of rewarding herself? NOPE!  What she really needed to do, was recognize how NUTS it was to problem-solve her way out of facing her fears and recognizing her own value.

Your time is valuable. The longer you do something, the more valuable your time becomes. You’ve gained experience, knowledge, and most likely have had to get  over a few hurdles along the way. Did you fall face first over that hurdle a few times? Absolutely. But when you got up and started running again anyway, you faced your fears and you learned something. That makes your time valuable. Even if you’ve only just started the race, having the courage to begin at all makes your time worth something.

So, it’s time to face your fears and realize your value. Instead of re-working your budget to meet your goals, work smarter to meet your goals. Figure out how to increase your monthly cash flow – that is almost always where your focus should be.

Do you need to raise your hourly rates to reach your savings goal? Do you need to sell more product to buy yourself a Louis bag? Then let’s focus on what’s really in your way. Let’s work through your fear of raising your prices. Let’s break through your fear of talking to people about your business. Whatever is preventing you from generating more cash-flow now needs to become your priority. Let’s solve that problem because that problem will buy you multiple pairs of panties and lots of Louis Bags.

Bottom line: Don’t problem-solve your way out of reaching your goals. Face your fear. Own your true value. Succeed your ass off. Buy that Louis Bag!

Until next time!