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Don’t Forget the Most Important Person on your List – YOU

You made it through Black Friday, and even Cyber Monday. You’ve been engulfed with searching for the perfect gifts for fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. For sons and daughters, nieces and nephews. Don’t forget your good friends, your business partners, your clients. Maybe even that special and supportive business coach.

But don’t forget the most important person on your list this holiday season. The one person without whom, you couldn’t do without.

I’m talking, of course, about YOU. During the holidays, it’s especially important to carve a little time out for yourself.

This is important for many reasons. First of all, you DESERVE it. Whatever level of success you’ve achieved, or seeds you’ve planted that will benefit you for years to come, you should celebrate your accomplishments and treat yourself for the hard work you’ve put in all year long.

The best part is that you are likely the easiest person to shop for on your list. You don’t have to worry about buying yourself clothes that don’t fit, or heading back to a store to return something you didn’t really want.

Find a gift that will refresh you spiritually, whether it’s a material object (did someone say SHOES!!!) or something for the soul (a spa day is always a great way to relax, rejuvenate and refresh yourself).

However you reward yourself, you’ll discover that the gift you may think at first is a selfish one is actually quite the opposite. When you’re in a better place, you’re better for everyone else – family, friends, and in business.