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Inner Business Goddess: Choose Your Worth!

inner business goddess

Business is “serious business!” And being a solo-entrepreneur is even more serious because the success of the business is dependent on the ability of the individual entrepreneur to be a visionary as much as someone who can execute in all of the areas of the business: administration, branding, marketing, sales, etc. Not only do they have to be he visionary but they have to run every aspect of their business until they can afford or receive the funding to hire employees or outsource services needed. So it’s not just about the viability of the business itself. It’s equally about the viability of you, the entrepreneur. To be successful your business needs certain things. You want your business to provide you with profits but if you do not give your business what it needs to do that, it will NOT happen, period. It takes a certain commitment and willingness to grow personally as well. The #1 killer of businesses is not the business itself but the beliefs and behaviors of the person running the business – the entrepreneur. You, as a business owner, have to be willing to look at yourself. What is working about your mindset and behavior and what is not? Do you even know? Are you getting the necessary feedback to make your business a success so that you can achieve your dreams and goals? If not, the business is ultimately doomed.

In this episode of Pitch Me Moms, Jani Moon, from New York City, pitches Amy on her secondary business, Goddess Circles, which encourages women to find a safe and sacred place to gather and celebrate their inner business goddess! The business is rooted in her soul. She is passionate about what she does. But, as you will soon see, Jani has some serious, business-killing, blind spots that must be worked on. She has some behaviors and beliefs that will not serve her business and quite frankly, will ultimately kill her spirit if she doesn’t do something about them. She has an incredible idea for her business and a business model that works. But her own, personal blind spots are going to be devastating to both her and her business if she doesn’t make a change fast. Will Jani’s business fly? Will she be willing to take Amy’s advice and do what it takes to help her business flourish? Listen to find out!