Presenting the…

A Major New Movement!

Females are finally taking over the business world one company at a time!!! Amy Applebaum, founder and CEO of Amy Applebaum®, Inc.; “The coaching firm to the female entrepreneur,” is leading the revolution in bringing entrepreneurial women to the forefront of today’s business and financial world. Totally Fabulous Females® (TFF), the networking arm of Amy’s company, is a dynamic community of women that come together to support one another in the growth and development of their businesses and lives.

Our goal is that you take the next step in creating your “Totally Fabulous Life” …whether that means creating more balance, improving your health, building your business or just making incredible relationships. This group is about community, creativity and taking action.

If you are serious about making a difference in your life and the love of others, then this is the group for you.

What we do!

We put together dynamic events that cater to a diverse group of women who are “up to something” in their lives. Every Totally Fabulous Female Event includes:

  • Music and Fun
  • Networking with the most fabulous women you’ve ever met
  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Education
  • Giving Back

How we connect:

We connect in a few ways:

TFF Main Events: At our TFF Main Events, women from across the globe come together to acknowledge other unstoppable women as well as participate in an all-day breakthrough experience designed to help them move to the next level of their lives. Focusing on business, relationships and health; this all event includes music, networking, dynamic speakers, break-out sessions, inspiration, sharing, giving back, special offers and VIP opportunities and more. The TFF Main Event closes with the annual TFF Awards ceremony that is dedicated to honoring women who have made a significant difference through their businesses and to the community around them.

TFF Networking Soirees: We believe that if you want to be successful in life, you must build a strong community around you. A TFF Networking Soiree is your opportunity to do just that – build incredible new relationships as well as nurture and strengthen existing ones. Our goal with a TFF Soiree is to create an incredibly unique event that is not only fun but gives you an opportunity to build relationships that will last a lifetime, whether we are wine tasting, attending a fashion show or listening to a panel of experts educate us on various topics.

TFF GIVE Events: Totally Fabulous Females are all about giving back in a BIG way. So…once per year, we host or participate in a major philanthropic event as a community. TFF’s from all over the world come together to lend their support to those causes that we believe in. TFF Website: Coming Soon!!

What We Charge: Membership is FREE. We do charge Event Fees to cover basic costs of yummy snacks and other fabulous stuff. But, we always do everything we can to keep the costs as low as possible so that you can show up, network and be fabulous!!

Get Involved: Join the TFF community and we’ll let you know about our upcoming events and opportunities.

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