A crucial question for any ambitious woman
whose daily reality falls short of her dreams…

Do you know the ONE THING that separates women who realize their potential and live a successful life on their own terms and all of the rest of us who remain overwhelmed, underpaid and totally BURNED OUT?

If you guessed ‘organization’, you would be incorrect…

If you guessed ‘determination’ or ‘perseverance’, you would be wrong.

If you guessed ‘luck’, you would be wrong again.

Because while being organized, determined, persevering or lucky might play a role in getting the life you want, they are only part of the success.


The secret to success—of moving forward in life—is not to ‘work harder and smarter’.



Understanding EXACTLY what you want


Removing any MENTAL BLOCKS that prevent you from succeeding.


Taking PROACTIVE ACTION to reboot your life in ALL areas.

Sound difficult?
It really doesn’t have to be.

In fact you would be amazed at how easy it really can be.
Let’s unpeel the success onion one step at a time…

Beyond the Facebook Veneer, What’s REALLY Going On?

I could be wrong…but I believe that we women
like to put on a brave face.

  • Every day you wake up, you get ready to show your best side to the world.
  • You post your best pics on Facebook.
  • You smile for the kids.
  • You are the lead cheerleader for friends and family.
  • You speak confidently to your clients (even if you don’t always feel that way).
  • You reassure everyone that ‘everything is going great, thank you so much for asking’.
  • But just between you and me… how is it really going?
  • Life isn’t always photoshopped perfection, is it?
  • Juggling your various roles as mother, partner and entrepreneur, the struggle is real. OVERWHELM is our middle name.
  • Each day is a series of impossible choices.
  • More time with your kids means less time in the gym.
  • Work cuts into story reading time.
  • Date nights get cancelled too often because of client deadlines or sick kids.
  • Every day is a whirlwind of conflicting decisions.
  • You ask yourself constantly, “How do I tackle everything I need to tackle?”
  • You find yourself daily twisting and turning in a million different directions, paralyzed by the sheer number of tasks in front of you.
  • You hustle.
  • But despite all your best efforts, you feel like you are tumbling out of control, teetering precipitously close to major BURN OUT.

The Noise of Your Life
Drowns Out Your Dreams

And—sadly—you sometimes stay awake at night, fearful that your dreams are slipping away from you—vanishing under the weight of piles of laundry, meal preparation, school runs and the exhaustion of rustling up and managing difficult clients.
You chose entrepreneurship because you wanted the freedom.
  • Instead, you find yourself living in a prison of your own making.
  • You feel like you are living your life following someone else’s script.
  • Everything you do is for everyone else.
  • But no one is looking after you.
  • The worst part is all the nagging doubts you have…
  • The guilty feelings… “I’m not doing enough for ‘X’” (the business, the kids, your partner,
    the gym).
  • The nagging doubts… “maybe I don’t have what it takes.”
  • The low sense of self-worth… “perhaps I don’t deserve to be successful.”
  • The confusion… “I’m not getting what I want and I don’t know why.”
  • Those little birds on your shoulder are doing a number on you.
  • They talk to you all day long.
  • They trap you…they defeat you.
  • You are turning in circles, wondering if you will ever get the life you want.
  • But it’s your deep dark secret.
  • That’s because you are upbeat and on-call for everyone else in your life.
  • The only one who misses out on you is…YOU!

You Dream of Living A Life of Design

Despite all of that, you hold out hope.

  • You KNOW it doesn’t have to be that way.
  • You are smart, ambitious and have everything it takes to live life more fully.
  • You DREAM of a place where all the threads of your life work together (rather than
    against one another).
  • A simpler place.
  • A place where there is no more out-of-control or overwhelm.
  • A life where you take back the power you have lost.
  • A life you live on your OWN terms—no one else’s.
  • A life you love…where you are happy and anxiety-free, confident and in control.
    A life of design.
But before we talk about HOW you can create that fabulous life (and yes, it’s totally possible!), let’s first talk about some of the beliefs that might be preventing you from moving forward.


To get where you want to go, you first need to understand the blocks that are holding you back. Here are some of the classic obstacles I’ve seen time and time again with the women I’ve worked with:

You believe that the key is in fixing that ONE problem.

One of the ideas that might be keeping you stuck is the mistaken belief that if you could just ‘sort out’ that ONE THING (your business, your kid’s performance at school, your partner’s annoying habits, your weight…) ‘everything’ will be okay.
  • Life doesn’t work that way.
  • Just because we get traction in ONE area does not mean that all the pieces of the puzzle
    will then fall into place.
  • That’s because when it comes to our lives—and all the different hats we wear—everything
    is connected to everything.
  • Your self-care routine or the food you eat is directly connected to your business
  • Your inability to prioritize will directly impact your relationships…and your revenue.
  • Your sense of self-worth will affect how you handle clients or manage time.
  • To untie the knots that are preventing you from living the life you want, you need to
    tackle your issues holistically.
  • You don’t live your life in separate swim lanes.
  • You are splashing all the time in the entire pool.

You are living a life defined by other people.

One of the reasons you are now a permanent resident of the land called OVERWHELM is that—up to now—you have been living a life defined by others.
Your goals, your expectations and even your daily life has been determined by what others want for you…not what you want for yourself.

It’s time to draw the line in the sand… to say STOP.

Because living a life that others have defined for you has left you empty and undernourished.

You don’t believe in yourself.

This one is tough to talk about.
  • I’ve been there…I think we’ve ALL been there.
  • We women are so hard on ourselves—we constantly wonder if ‘we have what it takes’.
  • Self-doubts kill our dreams.
  • And they are—for the most part—unfounded, bearing ZERO relation to the reality.
  • The first step in taking control of your life, therefore, is taking control of your thoughts.
  • Abundance begins between your two ears.
  • To stop playing small, you need to stop the mental thinking self-sabotage.
  • And replacing your negative nagging doubts with positive nourishing self-beliefs is REALLY not that hard… as long as you have the right tools. (More on what those tools are later).

You have fallen for the myth that ‘hard work’ will solve everything.

One of the biggest myths we all believe is that if we ‘just work harder’ everything will fall into place.

Hard work is great – but it’s never enough.

For hard work to pay off, you need to have three things in place:


As we discussed in Block #3, you need to believe in yourself. We need to exchange our self-sabotage with thoughts that nourish success.


You need to know where you are going. If your priorities are unclear or your goals vague, you will never get to your destination.


The only way to get momentum is to ACT. Action is often the missing piece. It’s what separates the truly successful from those who simply WISH to be successful.

The Secret to Getting
the Life You Want.

So…what’s the solution?

  • How do we reclaim our power…our lives?
  • How do we get the successful life that we’ve always dreamed of?
  • Before I begin, let’s call a spade a spade.
  • Doing things the way you’ve always done them in the past just isn’t going to cut it.
  • Your thoughts and behavior need a serious Reboot.
  • A Life Makeover.
  • Think of it as a Life Spa—a facelift for success…
  • If that sounds intimidating, it shouldn’t.
  • I mean… we go to the spa to get a physical makeover…why not do the same thing with your life?
  • But this particular ‘nip and tuck’ isn’t going to require expensive surgery or a lot of painkillers.





SHIFT YOUR MINDSET by refraining from any thoughts or behaviors that prevent you from reaching your goal.


TAKE ACTION using your new mindset to achieve your life goals step-by-step.

And you need to do this in ALL
areas of your life.

Not just one.

Because the threads of your life create one giant quilt. Everything is connected.

The Ultimate Act of

Consider a Life Makeover as the ultimate act of self-love.
  • A Life Makeover will clarify and cleanse and get you on the right track.
  • To successfully implement a life makeover, you will most probably need a guide. Someone who has traveled the same path before…and emerged on the other side successfully.
  • That’s where I come in.
  • The way I see it is that you have all the ingredients to create the life you want.
  • But you don’t have the recipe.
  • You need an experienced chef to help you create the success you have always desired.
  • Together we will go back and review what ingredients you have, what might be missing and then figure out how to actually cook up the life of your dreams.
  • Because it’s just not enough to get your thoughts in order, it’s in the DOING that you will start to see a difference.

So, Who the Heck Am I to Tell You All of this?

I’m Amy Applebaum. I’m so glad you are here!

As a successful entrepreneur and a Life Success Coach who has worked closely with dozens of fellow women-preneurs, I specialize in transformation. I help ambitious, talented women get unstuck and claim the success that is rightfully theirs.

Why do I do what I do?

  • It’s because I hate to watch good women—women with so much innate talent—live their lives at a fraction of their potential.
  • And I love to help women reach their potential in EVERY area of their life.
  • And I do this in a way that delivers REAL results in record time.
  • That’s why I’ve created my SOAR Private Coaching.
  • It’s a way to help smart and sassy women (I’m talking to YOU) get what they really want in life.
  • From self-confidence to sizzling sales for our companies and robust relationships.
  • Together we will get rid of the debris and face the destructive thinking and shift it.
  • But even more important than the mindset reframe is that together we will TAKE ACTION.
  • Because it is in the DOING that we truly change.
  • I don’t practice some academic ‘pie in the sky’ theory.
  • Everything I teach my clients—from reframing mindsets to taking action—I’ve done myself in my own life.
  • I’ve walked the talk.
  • I’ve applied the system to myself—and countless others.
  • If you want to get to the Next Level, we need to talk.
  • I would be deeply honored to help get your particular brand of magic out in the world…where it belongs.
  • After all, it’s remained hidden entirely too long.

Transform Your Life In 90 Short Days

What if I could tell you that you could go from being stuck to unstoppable in as little as 90 days?

It’s entirely possible.

A Private Coaching
90-Day Bootcamp

An exclusive, individual coaching program for ambitious, high-performing women committed to getting results in their business and life NOW.

I’ve done it time and time again with my signature SOAR Life-Success Coaching program which is designed to realign your thoughts and reboot your life.

The SOAR coaching program is a rigorous, action-packed 90-day bootcamp which includes the best coaching techniques, a high-level of accountability, proven (fun!) exercises and action steps which will get you REAL results in all the following areas:


The concept is simple.
It will just be you and me.
You will enjoy complete privacy.

Together, we will:


DISCOVER EXACTLY where you want to go (and the blocks that are holding you back.)


DESIGN a plan of action – a map for moving forward and overcoming your blocks.


DO! Most importantly of all, we will TAKE ACTION. We will double down with a super clear list of ‘first do this, then do that’ life-enhancing steps that will keep you on track to achieving your goals FAST.

During the program you will get LOTS of coaching, clarity and concrete action.

You can choose to receive your private coaching in-person or over the phone.

We won’t leave any stone unturned. We will brainstorm, strategize, plan, DO and (of
course) celebrate your successes.

My program is broken out into 3 parts:
Discover, Design and Do.


(This is a 3-hour private discovery session that will be
held either in-person or on Zoom).

In this groundbreaking first session, we will:

  • Explore and define exactly what you want in life
  • Begin to move past fears, negative beliefs and emotions
  • Start the mindset ‘reframing’ process to give you renewed optimism about your future
  • Uncover your personal history: family, relationships, health, past traumas, limiting beliefs, daily challenges in order to understand any patterns of thinking or behavior that might be holding you back
  • Conduct a Values Exercise that will help you get complete clarity on what you want
  • Introduce you to my signature Move Meditations through a short session so you can begin integrating the power of meditation into your transformational journey.


I will design an exhaustive transformation action plan 100% customized to your life. It will include an array of comprehensive exercises which will help you tackle your mindset/behavior challenges so you can move forward and make tangible progress towards your goals.


Working with me isn’t about talking, it’s about DOING. Together we will move forward on all fronts: overcoming fears, developing positive new habits as well as creating and executing action plans. We don’t just talk about what you want to do. We DO!!!!

I’m all about concrete practical action. I don’t think ‘talking’ or ‘theory’ is ever enough. When you work with me, our goal is to get you REAL RESULTS. FAST.

To help you meet your goals, I will give you homework. But don’t worry.

You won’t feel like you’re going back to school because these assignments are AWESOME…fun ways to give you structure and make things happen in your life.

I will help keep you on track through daily conversations (if necessary) and by giving you step-by-step tasks. You will have complete access to me no matter what your question as we seek to accelerate your success goals into 90 days.

In sum, the SOAR program is designed to…

  • Give You clarity about what you want and how to get it
  • Enhance (or Boost) Your Confidence
  • Help You Overcome Fear and Insecurities
  • Create a Concrete Plan for Moving Forward
  • Provide You Extensive Accountability and Clear Milestones
  • Motivate and Inspire You

My Success Stories

From $500 to $10,000 per gig

Working with Amy Applebaum 10 x’d my business – literally. I now charge 10 times what I previous made per event.
Stacy Pederson

Cyndi Prince

From Insecure, To In-Style Magazine

When I started, I didn’t feel like I had a real company. I just had a product that I was inconsistently selling. I didn’t understand sales or have a sales plan, my marketing was minimal, and I didn’t have enough customers. And, I was lacking the confidence to get in there and make the necessary changes. Through Amy’s program, I was able to create a vision that inspired me – LooHoo” wool dryer balls would be in every household in America. Then Amy taught me how to sell! Everything from prospecting, to networking, to closing deals. This new confidence led me to step outside of my comfort zone and apply for the TV show Shark Tank and close my first national account, “Whole Foods.” Since working with Amy, I have been featured in In-Style Magazine, landed the National Whole Foods Account, tripled my revenue and retail partners, and am poised for continued success. Thank you Amy.
Cyndi Prince
Founder of LooHoo

Kirsten Ramasar

Numbers Don’t Lie!

Numbers don’t lie: after applying the strategies Amy taught me, my monthly team production went from under $15,000 to over $62,000, in just 4 months!
Kirsten Ramasar
Rejuvenate Chiropractic Spa

Marcia Wieder

21st Century Master At Crafting Dreams.

Amy Applebaum is the 21st century master at helping you craft the life of your dreams!
Marcia Wieder
CEO of Dream University & Coach to Jack Canfield

Dayna Devon

The Success Coach For A New Generation.

Amy Applebaum is the success coach for a new generation. She’s got a fresh approach that gets people into action toward realizing their dreams.
Dayna Devon
Former host of NBC’s Extra

Laurel Kaufman


Amy is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met, and working with her has been both challenging, because it’s pushed me out of my comfort zone, and incredibly rewarding because of the results. I hope everyone has a chance to be in contact with this extraordinary woman if not work with her at some point in their life.
Laurel Kaufman
Founder of Elevate My Brand

Nia Peeples

She’s Not Just A Business Coach… She’s A Life Coach.

I had a seed of a business idea. Amy helped me plant, grow, and harvest it while somehow simultaneously doing the same for my personal life. She’s not just a business coach. She’s a life coach, mentor, and friend. Behind every successful man there’s a woman calling the shots. For women, there’s Amy Applebaum.
Nia Peeples
Founder of Elements of Life

Tarcia Navarro

From “on the brink of disaster” to “in charge and joyous.”

“Working with Amy has literally changed my life for the better. I went from teeter-tottering on the brink of disaster in my imaginative mind to feeling much more at ease and capable of executing what needed to be done to take my business to the next level. As an entrepreneur of a growing business, a lot of it felt overwhelming at times, and there were days when I’d wake up and then go right back to lay down on the sofa because I couldn’t figure out where to start. I felt like the weight of it all was crushing me. After working with Amy, I would get up early, excited to start my day with all the necessary tools to stay in-focus and on track. I handled unexpected things that got thrown my way with grace, and I felt in-charge. Most importantly, I found the joy of working again, and the joy of spending time with my family and dedicating time for myself guilt free. Heck, I even found joy in meeting new people and networking! That says a lot for a self-described severe introvert.
Tarcia Navarro
Founder & CEO of Kettle & Brine

Charlotte Cressey

Landed My Biggest Client

Working with Amy has been an absolute blessing. When we first got started, I had lots of ideas about what I wanted to do for my business, but I was stuck. I had the skills to serve clients, but lacked the brand and business structure to attract them. Working with Amy has helped me build the knowledge, confidence, and pro-active behaviors needed to get going. Within just 6 months, I have built a clear brand, a website, a clear vision, and I recently landed my biggest client yet. Amy’s perfect balance of affirmation and praise with the “push” we need when we’re not living up to our potential, made all the difference. It’s made a huge difference in my life – not only for my business, but in my self-confidence and assertiveness as a woman.
Charlotte Cressey
Founder of Earth Energy Yoga

Sheril Porter

Learned How To Communicate. Doubled My Income.

My business is about relationships. Before Amy’s program I was very shy, stuck, and uncomfortable communicating with others. Amy taught me how to like myself and embrace what I had to offer to others. As a result of learning how to communicate and network, my business has doubled. And now people call me for networking tips. I’d say this is a win-win situation! Thank you, Amy!
Sheril Porter
Arbonne Consultant

Jenny Rowe

Lessened My Workload. Doubled My Income.

Since I began Amy’s program, 3 months ago, I launched a new career, doubled my income, lessened my workload by half and learned how to set boundaries with people. It doesn’t get better than that! You’re the best!
Jenny Rowe
Massage Therapist

Steve Mass

From $4000 Monthly to $30,000 Monthly.

I would like to acknowledge you for being an outstanding coach. Because of your process, I gained the confidence and courage to launch my own company. I went from $4000 per month to nearly $30,000 per month. Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do to help others. You are a true inspiration.
Steve Mass

Mona Nigro

Accomplished Impossible Goals

Through Amy’s belief in me, I learned, for the first time in my life, how to believe in myself. Every day I was one step closer to achieving what had once seemed like impossible goals. After three months I had a new apartment, I lost 27lbs, and was promoted doubling my income. For all of this I give thanks to my amazing life coach, Amy Applebaum. I couldn’t have done it without her.
Mona Nigro

Leon Lavigne

Out of Debt!

When I first came to Amy I was scraping by with my business, in debt, powerless and needed a change in my life. She helped me change all that in our first three months. My income went up almost 40% and I’m completely out of debt. I look forward to new ventures in my life because I know that she will be there to help focus and drive me to be my best.
Leon Lavigne
CEO of Beverly Hills Fitness Group

Ray Trim

Gets Rid of Problems

Amy Applebaum’s work is truly extraordinary. You can’t help but have an amazing life after you’ve gone through her program.
Ray Trim
Former Director of Business Affairs for NBC/Universal

Samantha Grant

From Paralysis to Taking Action!

Thank you SO much for your support! I have a new “fire” underneath me and some action to take. You are amazing, smart, funny and so generous!!! Your coaching has enabled me to take steps that I was paralyzed to do prior to meeting you.
Samantha Grant
Celebrity Nutritionist

Steve Cohen

From Problem To Solution…QUICKLY.

Amy Applebaum can move almost anyone from problem to solution quickly. She’s quite amazing. I see her as the next-generation Tony Robbins.
Steve Cohen
Founding EP of Court TV & Former News Director of WCBS/KCBS

Leslie Hart

Incredible Coaching & Support

Amy has not only helped me with my business, I’ve been able to tackle obstacles in my personal life because of the work I’m doing with her program. I am so thankful to Amy, Laura and Esther for all the incredible coaching and support!
Leslie Hart

Agatha Kulesza

Incredible Coaching & Support

My business floundered for 3 years, and I was consistently stuck at $4000 per month of income. I began working with Amy and after 60 days my income had shot from $4000 per month to $10,000 per month and kept growing!
Agatha Kulesza

Jes Hudak

From Lost, To Lilith Fair, To BRAVO

I don’t know what I’d do without Amy! When we met, I knew I had the raw talent to succeed, I just didn’t know how to make that happen. Amy helped me get in touch with what was truly important to me and identify my ultimate goals with perfect clarity. Then, we created a plan to achieve those goals and together, we worked that plan and I’m happy to say that I live my dream now, every day! She is like family to me, and is one of the rarest gems you’ll ever find in that she truly cares about her clients and wants nothing more than to help people see how amazing their lives can be. I went from being lost and depressed to performing at the Lilith Fair alongside Emmy Lou Harris, Sarah McLachlan and Miranda Lambert, to not only being cast as the final 12 for Bravo’s songwriting competition, Platinum Hit, but finishing 2nd in the entire show! I realize now that success isn’t just about being in the right place at the right time, you have to be ready to do what it takes to achieve your dreams and I was finally ready for success! Thank you, Amy Applebaum!
Jes Hudak

Michelle Perzan

Tripled My Income!

Before working with Amy, I could hardly talk to someone without stuttering. I lacked confidence… a LOT of confidence. I joined this program because I KNEW I needed to change my way of thinking. With the amazing training from Amy, I have become a leader – something I didn’t think I had the courage to do before. And… I HAVE TRIPLED MY INCOME! I can approach people with much more ease and confidence which blows my mind. I have learned to really listen to people’s needs so I can help them. And one of the biggest takeaways for me is that I have learned how NOT to take things personally……something that I USED to do a lot. This is not just a program, it’s a life changer. It is truly a blessing and the best training I have ever had.
Michelle Perzan

Lisa Pulliam

My Team is Growing!

The program helped me prepare my fields for the next RAIN. My vision is more focused, my passion deeper, my goals more crystallized, my team is growing, and my mindset has shifted from, “mom with a part time energy business,” to a “mom who is a successful entrepreneur. Thank you!
Lisa Pulliam
Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy

Victoria Levy

Vital In Taking Our Business To A Higher Level

Thank you Amy! I attribute so much of the current success we’re experiencing to you. Your coaching has been a huge support and a vital element in helping to focus and take my business to a higher level. You Rock!
Victoria Levy
Producer/Performer, Vox Lumiere

Elizabeth Ermenyi

Opened Up Channels. Brilliant!

I can’t tell you how comforting and helpful it has been for me that I know that I’m not a freak of nature with my challenges, because other women have the exact same fears, concerns and disappointments and failures, etc. I always thought that my lack of perfect English was a huge handicap in my life, but I began to realize that it’s just an excuse. Can you imagine what a relief that was? This realization actually opened up channels for me. I know now that I have the same chance to become a successful entrepreneur as anyone else…I think your program is brilliant. Thank you. You are one of the rare ones, Amy.
Elizabeth Ermenyi
Owner of Books in Order Bookkeeping

Regained My Confidence & Determination

You have changed my life SO MUCH and I really cannot thank you enough!! You have helped me regain my confidence and determination. I have not felt this confident in a long time and I owe it all to you!! Thank you!!!!!
Gwen Manning

Jacquelyn Mills

Beyond Impressive.

I have heard a lot of professionals in your business talk about social media, about business and I have to say you are above and beyond impressive. YOU really and truly care about your clients. You care about helping people get to the next level. You are a real person working hard to help others. I will look forward to seeing what is coming next and thank you for what you have already given me. Please keep up your wonderful work. The love you have for what you do really shines through!
Jacquelyn Mills
Owner of Soft Touch Beauty Solution

Diane Kotula

Life Is So Much Better

Amy’s program was such a fantastic experience for me. Life is so much easier & better now that I’m focused on MY business instead of others. Thank you, Amy, for all your
help. You and your program are awesome.
Diane Kotula
RE/MAX Excalibur Realty

Marcy Cole

Moved Me To My Potential

I have been a psychotherapist for 15 years, helping adults and couples live their best life. I tuned into Amy’s call and felt like I was listening to a tape recording of the same words I’ve spoken to support others for years. However, this time it was a review course FOR ME! I literally signed up for her program immediately. Thank you, Amy, for giving me the support I needed to move me to my potential.
Marcy Cole
Psychotherapist and Founder of First Tuesdays

Catherine Lau

The Changes You Need To Succeed

Amy is very specific in her program and tells you HOW to make the changes you need to succeed.
Catherine Lau
President of Cat Walk Studios

Jodi Nelson

Work Is Pouring In

When I signed up with Amy I was working hard just to pay off debt, hoarding every dime in fear I’d never have enough money. Amy made me see that what I focused on would only expand and that I needed to start spending my money more freely. I have since started my own business and am spending money freely while all the work I can handle is pouring in to replenish my account. I shifted my views on work & money and things haven’t been the same since.
Jodi Nelson
Founder/PLAY It Forward Adventures

Kristin Fraser

Immediate Results.

I recently attended a seminar by Amy Applebaum in Malibu, California. She was amazing! She shared so many great ideas about how to make your business successful without spending a lot of money. I have already incorporated her ideas into my business plan and have seen immediate results.
Kristin Fraser
Founder of Inner Glow Nutrition

Sandra Dee Robinson

Increased Monthly Income By 300%!

Amy’s Program is so chock-full of goodies; it’s like a perpetual Christmas! In a few short months following Amy’s advice, I increased my monthly business income by 300%!
Sandra Dee Robinson
Actress and Founder of Charisma on Camera

Kristin Gaughan

One of the Best Influences In My Life

You have been one of the best influences in my life thus far, Amy, and I am so thankful for you!
Kristin Gaughan
Realtor in Boston

Caroline Limata

For the 1st Time, I Believe In Myself.

What I like most about Amy is how she believes in me and pushes me outside of my comfort zone to do what’s needed to get your business going. Her program was exactly what I needed to help me follow through with my ideas. I tend to have lots of ideas swirling around in my head and I can get stuck in the idea cul-de-sac, confuse myself, and then lose focus. Amy is reality check. She is my cheerleader and my support when I am stuck. Her confidence and belief in me was so strong and contagious that, for the first time, I began to believe in myself and knew I could become exactly who I always wanted to be. Amy is the real deal.
Caroline Limata
PR & Communications Specialist

Kea Tesseyman

I Know My Dreams Are Now Achievable.

For years, I have lived with dreams that I never thought could come true – and then I met Amy. In just a moment of being in her presence, I knew I had found “the one” who could bring me into a world of success, self acknowledgment, and into a community of like minded individuals, laser focused on creating greatness that serves others. Her program isn’t just about creating and running a great business – it’s about creating a great life. I’ve been able to reshape, tone and sculpt my mind in the business world, along with how I look at myself as a woman, parent and role model. Freshly instilled with strength and ferocity to create the life of my dreams, for the first time in my life, I truly believe that my dreams are now achievable.
Kea Tesseyman
Founder/CEO of Power Performance

Valerie Brace

I Am Living The Life I Was Created For.

Amy’s Program has allowed me to get unstuck and be unstoppable in my business. In return, I am living the life I was created for. How amazing is that!
Valerie Brace
Empowered CEO of BELLAS & “My Success” Project Member

From Paycheck-To-Paycheck…To Renowned Holistic Health Coach

In a nutshell, Amy changed my life. From a depressed engineer, living paycheck to paycheck, to living my dream running a holistic health kitchen, hosting inspired healthy cooking parties, retreats and kids cooking workshops, to getting published in the media. Amy’s program helped me follow my heart and manage my fears so I could take action toward my dream. Now I make more money and I’m doing what I love! Life is too short NOT to make your dreams a reality. It brings tears to my eyes to say THANK YOU, AMY!
Kristin Fraser
Health Coach

The First Step

Given the very exclusive nature of this program, I take a very limited number of clients each year (maximum 8).

To see if you and I are a good fit, I always like to begin with a ‘get to know you’ phone call.

1. Figure out what you (really) want your life to look like.

2. Identify blocks.

3. Map out a plan.

4. Determine (together) if I can help you achieve your plan.

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Ready to Hit The ‘Refresh’ Button?

This thing called life happens fast.
Do you really have time to dawdle over this thing we call success?
Do you really want to live life on everyone else’s terms not your own?
I don’t think so.

Is My SOAR Coaching Bootcamp For You?

  • So, who is my program for?
  • It’s for ANY ambitious, savvy woman who wants to go to the Next Level with her life.
  • You have accomplished an amazing amount—but you know deep down inside you haven’t played your BIGGEST game yet.
  • You are ready.
  • Ready… for change.
  • Ready…to examine any thoughts or behaviors that might be holding you back.
  • Ready…to take action.
  • Ready…to ask for help from an experienced guide who has a proven track record.
  • Ready…to get REAL RESULTS. Fast.
  • Ready to reclaim your life…once and for all.
  • You have a breathtaking future ahead of you.
  • You can create a reality where you are empowered, enriched, engaged and excited.
  • You can build a business or career that fills your heart and your bank account.
  • You can surround yourself with people who support, love and respect you.
  • You can have boundless energy and health.
  • You can have peace and serenity.
  • You can live a full life on your own terms.
  • You just need to know how.

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