Book: Frustrated to Fabulous

From Problem to Solution
From Inertia to Action
From Hopelessness to Breakthrough
From Failure to Success

Discover the secret success formula for busy women who want it all

“Amy Applebaum’s work is truly extraordinary. Her program actually gets rid of problems. You can’t help but have an amazing life after you’ve gone through it.”

– Ray Trim, former Director of Business Affairs for NBC/Universal

Applebaum is the 21st century master at helping you craft the life of your dreams!”

– Marcia Wieder, CEO of Dream University and Coach to Jack Canfield


Private Coaching w/Moi

What is private coaching with Amy? YOU. ME. And ALL OF YOUR GOALS – slapped down in front of us, so that we can organize, strategize, and start making your business & personal dreams a reality. That’s what I’m talking about!


An entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who isn’t making the money or attracting the clients they want. And, who wants someone successful, with a track record to help! Or…a successful entrepreneur NOT playing their biggest game yet, but can’t wait to be…. Read More


Coaching. And lots of it. Private in-person and/or over the phone. We’ll be brainstorming, strategizing, setting your course for adventure, and moving past those “tear your hair out” challenges. Oh…and of course, celebrating your successes as we go. No excuses, no distractions…just making it happen step by step. We are going to make sure you’ve got everything you need. From systems, to community, to mindset, to strategies, you are sooooo gonna DO THIS!


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The Direct Sales TV Network 

DirectSales.TV is the exclusive television station dedicated to Direct Sales Industry within a network of Cable stations throughout the United States and broadcasts, via Roku, Chromecast, AppleTV, to the world. When you host your television show on DirectSales.TV, we put you front and center with over 20 million households using digital streaming television globally.  That’s an immediate audience and that’s immediate revenue for you through new business and sponsorships/commercials.


Guided Meditation Audiobook Library

I have watched my clients sabotage all of their hard work because they didn’t believe in themselves or allowed fear and other excuses to get in their way. So I got certified as a hypnotherapist. Not because I would pursue a career in hypnotherapy; but to help my clients achieve real, lasting success. No matter what actions you take, if your beliefs don’t support them, you’ll sabotage your progress. So I created over 100 meditation audiobooks and apps for you, all specially designed to get you unstuck, motivated, and moving in your business and life…. Read More

Not sure what meditation is or what it can do for you?
Hundreds of studies have been conducted by organizations, universities and neuroscientists (Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Global NeuroScience Community & more) and have proven that regular, active meditation yields MIND-BLOWING RESULTS like:

  • Increased Focus & Concentration
  • Decreased Anxiety, Stress, Worry
  • Increased ability to learn and remember
  • Improved mood and wellbeing
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased Self-Control
  • More Accountability & Follow Through
  • Increased Creativity
  • Increased Sex-Drive

Visit my meditation audiobook library, choose your title & let’s go!

“Since I’ve listened to “No more Excuses”, I’ve gotten so efficient & productive I can hardly keep up with myself! Thank God. I needed a boost. Now I’m listening to “Attracting Opportunities”. I can hardly wait to discover unexpected opportunities coming to me! Thank you Amy for sharing such a valuable tool for helping us create healthy, rewarding lives!”

– Kay Wagner, Yoga/Meditation Instructor