Striped Entrepreneur

Is It Ever Easy Being An Entrepreneur?

Someone asked me last week, “Is it ever easy… being an entrepreneur?” I thought about it and said, “No… it’s not. Is it supposed to be?” I have not found that life is easy: relationships, health, and business. I have found that the only thing “easy” for me to do is to sit in front of the television and watch Grey’s Anatomy. But I get no satisfaction or sense of accomplishment from that. It’s good for a check-out and to “renew” myself but it doesn’t “do” anything for me.

She then said, “So what’s the key to success.” And I thought about that and wanted to respond with some profound answer and I couldn’t. So, I responded truthfully, “It’s hard every day that I put myself out there. If you want it to be easy, don’t put yourself out there. Putting yourself out there means there will be rejection, falling down, failure, upset, and it means there will be exhilaration, energy, excitement, adventure, fear… I LOVE all of that. I don’t think I always loved that. I think once I adopted a good relationship with fear, entrepreneurship became fun for me.

I think if you enter the world of “entrepreneurship” thinking it’ll be easy, you’re gonna be disappointed. But, if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, then go for it and keep going for it because it’s a ride that never stops. Know that you are in for a fight… a fun, scary, awesome fight. Not a nasty, “bruise people” fight but a fight for your freedom, a fight for your ideas, a fight for the things you want. It’s all part of it. So, the key, accept that it will hard, challenging and scary and then you won’t be disappointed when it’s all of those things.