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Past Defining Future: Visionaries Highlight Women’s History Month

You know what’s better than celebrating women who have changed the way we think?

Celebrating WITH them.

That’s what CNN did this Tuesday as part of Women’s History Month. They gathered five members from their “CNN 10: Visionary Women” list and using Google Hangout, had a discussion about the future of women at work. Check out the article and some of the video discussions – great stuff.

Then be sure to go back and look at the women CNN is featuring on their list. They’re not all rocket scientists, or zillionaires. Being a visionary is about seeing things differently, whether it’s the public health worker who yearns to stamp out the stigma of menstruation or the former welfare mom who’s supplying cars for women re-entering the workforce. Visionaries are ordinary people doing extraordinary things. We can all learn from them – and can be them. These women all have one common denominator: They empower.

Read and listen to the highlights from the CNN Google Hangout session, and then think about YOUR vision. Who knows, someday I may be talking about you on this list.