“Inspiration”-Why It’s Not Enough to Make You a Successful Entrepreneur

AmyPodcastCover3Were you “inspired” to start a business? If so, you could be headed straight for failure. In this episode of “Pitch Me Moms,” top business coach, Amy Applebaum, hits hard on why “inspiration” is not the path to success. Alexia Beckford, of “Scoop Media” learns the 2 key elements her business is missing-and inspiration isn’t one of them. How does Amy know? Her entrepreneurial career started by almost killing a kid with a 300 pound sticker machine. This action packed episode is loaded with coaching tips including: the critical element your sales pitch needs in the first 30 seconds, the number 1 reason mompreneurs fail, the 3 questions you need to answer to define your business, and the sole purpose of your website. Inspired? It’s time to listen.