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You Need These 2 Things to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Successful EntrepreneurJasmyn Jacobs, founder of, is beautiful, smart, passionate and, has an emotional, soul-shaking past that she is utilizing to fuel a new business that she hopes will help others in their pursuit of happiness and freedom in life. But, there are a few problems. Miss Jacobs is missing two key elements – 2 things to be a successful entrepreneur – in her entrepreneurial venture that are absolutely critical to the success of her fledgling, brand new business venture. And even though Jasmyn has a passion to help turn her past insecurities into a viable business, to do that successfully, she is going to have to give up some things that she may not be ready to to be a successful entrepreneur.

She is going to have to gain some new insights, beliefs and behaviors if her new entrepreneurial endeavor is going to be a serious, profitable and impactful business. So, does Jasmyn really have the business chops, know how, and willingness to learn and grow that it will take for her to pull this off, successfully? We will soon find out. In this episode of “Pitch Me Moms,” Amy Applebaum, top business coach, media personality and entrepreneur, helps Jasmine hone in on what her vision is and what beliefs and behaviors she will need to adopt and let go of in order to really “go for” this business, all the way. Amy will also have to share with Jasmyn some truths that she may not be willing to hear.

But isn’t that where all true success lives?

In truth?

If you cannot be honest with yourself about what is working in your business and what is not (even if that something that’s not working is YOU), then why bother? It is only when we are truly honest with ourselves and about our business that we can be successful. And I am not talking just about financial success. Truth is who we are. Truth frees us if we let it. Truth will shed light on what is really happening in our lives and businesses, making it possible for us to succeed. Without truth, you and your business will ultimately fail. Feedback is one of the most critical necessities of a business – without it, you lack an understanding of why your business is not performing. And without that knowledge, you cannot implement the necessary solutions that will make a positive impact on your business..

So tune in to this episode of “Pitch Me Mom’s” where Amy will work with Jasmyn to determine her commitment level, as well as shed some light on whether Jasmyn’s business is just a great idea or a great idea worth pursuing. Does Jasmyn have what it takes? Of course she does. But, is she willing to make the changes necessary to see her business succeed? That remains to be seen. And…Bonus: Are you working a regular, full-time job while struggling to build your business on the side? If so, in addition to exploring Jasmyn’s viability as a business woman and entrepreneur, Amy shares what you can do to find your motivation and reveals one simple phrase you can say to yourself, every day, that will get you pumped up and ready to take on the day with passion, strength and focus. If you want success, you won’t want to miss this quick episode of, “Pitch Me Moms.”