How Will Art Make Me Money?

how will art make me moneyCan artists make money? If you are a “creative” – is it possible for you to generate a decent income? This is a question I have been asked over and over and over throughout my years as a coach. And the reality is yes and no. I mean at the end of the day, it completely depends on whether you integrate your creativity into the proper business idea, plan, strategy and model. And…at the end of the day, I hope your business IS creative!

I mean why make your business boring. Why not infuse it with creativity, style and passion. Personally I don’t want to do a business if I can’t integrate those creative elements. I want to love my business. I want to feel my business. I want others to feel my business. To be impacted by it in some way. I believe that what makes businesses unique are their unique takes on their products / services. The brand of their business. The personality. Creativity in my view should ALWAYS be part of business. But as creative as a product, service or company is, if you don’t have the right strategy, plan, and business model – it won’t matter – no revenue will be made.

This brings us to Miss Daria. She is in her mid 20’s and lives in London. She is the founder of ArtVersed, a literary online magazine for visual artists. She wants to bring the art world to non-enthusiasts through her website and is currently in the beginning stages of building her community. Oooooooo, more people appreiating art? Love that. And while I absolutely love the idea of non-enthusiasts “getting into art” – I wonder if that’s possible. We need to make sure that Daria is actually solving a need or a problem in the community of non-enthusiasts in order to make money from this idea. We need to make sure Daria has the right business model in place to really get this baby going. So come and chat with us and find out whether Daria’s business idea is gonna fly!