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How to Welcome Change in Your Life!

Change may be inevitable, but it’s not something you should dread. Begin to invite change into your life if you want to succeed as a female entrepreneur, and to help you do that, I’m sharing a few of my secrets to enjoying change.

Some women handle change well, and others don’t. Whenever I think of this distinction, I’m reminded of a friend of mine who has a daughter that couldn’t handle even small changes very well. One time, my friend had an interior decorator over to redesign their living room, and when her daughter saw it, she broke down in tears. Yet, all she had moved was the couch and a coffee table!

This is probably a bit extreme for grown-up women like yourself, but it’s not far off the mark when you take larger changes into account. For instance, how do you handle moving from house to house, city to city or even state to state? Have you ever done this before? Is it a change you welcome or avoid?

A lot of women do not like change in their business because it often leads to success. What???? – you’re probably gasping. Isn’t that the whole point of being in business? To succeed?

While most people start a business because they DO want to succeed, many women fail to even take the first step because they are afraid of what might come with it. As a general rule, success comes with responsibility. You have a responsibility to your family, to customers, to clients, to partners, to yourself – the list goes on and on. And while it might not be as big of a fear as the fear of failure, this fear of success is a change that many women don’t want to deal with.

But I’m willing to bet that YOU are not that woman – at least, I hope you’re not. And if you are, there are steps you can take to change that. All it takes is a choice, and that leads me to a couple important tips about change.

Make change YOUR choice. Don’t wait for someone else to push you into changing if it involves a decision you could have made yourself. For example, don’t wait for the landlord to kick you out on the street when you received fair warning three months ago and could have started a website or local business to bring in some extra cash. Don’t wait until your hand is forced! Make a choice to change now. Your attitude about the whole situation will stay positive as well as long as it is your decision.

Make a change before it’s too late. Most things in life have a deadline. Not everything hangs around forever while waiting for you to claim it. Opportunities will pass you by if you do not act on them soon enough. Yes, some decisions involving change are tough to make, but chances are, sitting on a choice for two weeks won’t accomplish any more than sitting on it for one week. Your life will contain a lot more happiness if you seize opportunities when they arrive, rather than making the decision a day too late and suffering a letdown.

You might notice that I never once said “change is easy.” In most cases, it’s not, and I realize that. I also know that making changes all on your own present even more of a challenge, and there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s what I’m here for! I want to help you achieve your goals, and if that means making drastic changes in your life, then bring ‘em on! As your mentor, I make it my duty to help you with just that. I encourage you to check out AWSC for more about how we can help.