Anxiety and Pressure, Oh No!

Building a business is challenging as we entrepreneurs know. And, there are times when you feel like you can’t handle it. Or, you think you can handle it but then, suddenly, out of nowhere, you can’t stop your mind from racing and you feel pressure on your chest.

This is when “Mono-Focusism” is absolutely critical.

What is “Mono-Focusism” you ask? It’s a practice I made up? to counteract “Multi-Taskism” … a common debilitating condition that plagues entrepreneurs all over the world.

So let’s break this down:

The Problem = Multi-Taskism: Many entrepreneurs for the most part have become excellent at Multi-Tasking. Which may sound like a good thing, right? WRONG! In fact research suggests that ONLY 2% of people can multi-task effectively. 2%!!! The Harvard Business Review stated that multi-tasking decreases your productivity by 40% and lowers your IQ by 10 points. WHOA!

And Multi-Taskism can cause a lot of damage in your life:

  1. Car accidents (which can lead to damage & death).
  2. Mistakes
  3. Financial issues
  4. Lack of productivity
  5. Lack of quality
  6. Lack of connection in your relationships: kids, significant other, etc.
  7. Health issues: stress, pressure, depression, overwhelm, anxiety, etc.
  8. Etc., Etc., Etc.

The Solution = Mono-Focusism: The practice of focusing on “1” thing at a time will save your health, relationships and business. When you fully commit your mind and body to the task at hand… meaning that you give your full attention to whatever it is you’re doing or are involved with – you have an opportunity to give your best and fully experience each moment.