Did you hear the one about the girl who made her millions overnight? Yeah, me neither. You know making dreams come true requires hard work -- and passion. My blog is all about helping people who have that passion, commitment and determination. This is SPEAKING OF SUCCESS, and I've got plenty to say.

Anxiety and Pressure, Oh no!

Building a business is challenging as we entrepreneurs know. And, there are times when you feel like you can’t handle it. Or, you think you can handle it but then, suddenly, out of nowhere, you can’t stop your mind from racing and you feel pressure on your chest.

This is when “Mono-Focusism is absolutely critical.

What is “Mono-Focusism” you ask? It’s a practice I made up to counteract “Multi-Taskism” … a common debilitating condition that plagues entrepreneurs all over the world.

So let’s break this down:

The Problem = Multi-Taskism: Many entrepreneurs for the most part have become excellent at Multi-Tasking. Which may sound like a good thing, right? WRONG! In fact research suggests that ONLY 2% of people can multi-task effectively. 2%!!! The Harvard Business Review stated that multi-tasking decreases your productivity by 40% and lowers your IQ by 10 points. WHOA!

And Multi-Taskism can cause a lot of damage in your life:

  1. Car accidents (which can lead to damage & death).
  2. Mistakes
  3. Financial issues
  4. Lack of productivity
  5. Lack of quality
  6. Lack of connection in your relationships: kids, significant other, etc.
  7. Health issues: stress, pressure, depression, overwhelm, anxiety, etc.
  8. Etc., Etc., Etc.

The Solution = Mono-Focusism: The practice of focusing on “1” thing at a time will save your health, relationships and business. When you fully commit your mind and body to the task at hand… meaning that you give your full attention to whatever it is you’re doing or are involved with – you have an opportunity to give your best and fully experience each moment.

To YOUR success,







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A Lemonade Stand Can Lead To Success!

Grow. Share. Be Transparent. Keys to Success!

I was recently struck by Ms. Papiloa Jourdan (Papi). She is young, passionate and successful. And though I am struck by her confidence and intelligence, I’m even more struck by her understanding of what it takes to BE a successful entrepreneur.

So this week… I’d like to feature her – we can all use this very real reminder of what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Papi: “I’m sure I am not alone when I tell you that I am one of those ‘entrepreneurs from birth’ kinda people. I had the lemonade stand. Launched my first ‘real’ company at 18 (that failed so beautifully it was poetic). And, a string of ventures to follow…some successful, some not. Even the successful ones were never to the caliber for which I strived. But, are we ever ‘satisfied’ as entrepreneurs? I don’t know. I think we go from challenge to challenge, like a bumblebee to flowers, giving and taking what we can. One success inspires another. Then comes a new idea and a new goal to strive for.

As an entrepreneur, I believe in 3 things… 

1) Growing. As entrepreneurs we [should] never stop growing.  We grow into our successes. I know that this has been true for me.  Without growth – the mastering of my leadership skills, the honing of my marketing knowledge, the exercising of my social media skill set – I would most definitely not have experienced the successes I’ve experienced up until today. I would instead, be where I was 5 years ago, until… I chose to grow.

2) Transparency. I’ve learned so much, because I have chosen to. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? One thing I have learned is that we must prove ourselves. If our goal is to be great, to lead, to inspire, to achieve beyond our wildest expectations, we must prove ourselves, while still learning and doing, through complete transparency. Transparency has become my best friend. I know that I can depend on it to tell me what I need to hear. Above all in business, people want honesty and integrity. They want to hear the truth, full disclosure, and then they want to comment on it and/or make a decision based on it. Where there is transparency, honesty and integrity, there is an unwavering trust between people, between company and customer. And when there is an unwavering trust, businesses thrive.

3) Sharing. Sharing is caring. Oh I know that is silly to say, and corny to hear but, I got into business to help people. I was good at social media from the beginning. People kept coming to me and saying, ‘hey Papi, I know this is not what you do but I heard you talking about Facebook for business…and, I was wondering if you could help me. Ok so, there was a need that I could fill. Was I then or am I now, a social media guru? No. The smartest of social media experts? No way. Do I know a lot of good stuff including several strategies that render results that many other people do not know? Yes. From the beginning, I have shared my story with everyone around me. It’s like my religion. It’s all out there, the ups, the downs, the ‘I don’t know but let me find out and get back to you’ and the ‘I tried something and it didn’t work so I would advise against it’. Did I ever stop sharing? No. Sharing my story has not only attracted many people to me as a businessperson, it has also inspired others in their own businesses and lives. And that, to me, is priceless.

So to sum up the rambles of my entrepreneurial heart and mind ~ Grow into greatness by proving yourself to others through complete transparency. Share your thoughts and the lessons you learn along the way, and you will not only get to where you want to be – you will change the world.

It’s all a balancing act. The whole process and journey to success is a circus of bright lights, darkness, hollering crowds and mastered tricks that awe. We can’t stop learning but we can’t stop doing either. Both have to always be in motion together, this is what builds momentum and keeps the entrepreneurial fire and drive alive.” – Papiloa Jourdan 

Papi!! Thank you. Your brilliance lies in your ability to “put it out there,” “test your assumptions,” and “make modifications…GROW!” Thank you for allowing me to share your insights with my community.

To YOUR success,







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Your Team Is Everything!

Sound pretty dramatic doesn’t it?

Ok… your team isn’t everything but, it’s A LOT!

I mean, alone, YOU can only do as much as YOU can do. As much as you know to do. And for those of us led by our ego – you will feel comfortable with this. Until the day comes (and it will come) that you realize you can’t fulfill your wildest dreams, alone. It’s not possible. The universe isn’t set up that way.

Think about it. What’s your dream? Say it out loud. Now… how can you achieve that, alone?

Imagine finding others who have a similar dream. Then imagine that you come together, all with your respective strengths, to make the dream a reality. Awesome right? Beyond AWESOME! Totally freakin’ incredible!

But do you know how many entrepreneurs will never do that? Sooooooo many!

Who’s on your team? Who should be on your team?

Spend a lot of time on this…it’s really worth it!

To YOUR success,






P.S. Need some help strategizing your next moves? Get a 2-Hour Strategy Session with me and let’s get your business movin’ RIGHT NOW! Learn more here! 

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Breaking Promises!

We all break our promises. “Yah… let’s meet for coffee,” or “I’m going to make time everyday to work my sales funnel and make sales calls.” And then, life gets in the way: the kids need you, a family member is sick, people cancel on you.

But, when you study the habits of millionaires, you will see something very interesting. They have all the same “life events” that unsuccessful people don’t. They are not necessarily smarter or more capable than anyone else. But what’s interesting is that despite life events, they still manage to fit in the activities that make the difference to their businesses. They keep their promises…at least most of them. Maybe their schedule shifts to accommodate “life happening,” but, they keep their promises nonetheless. They manage to get that sales call in despite kids tugging at their legs; hubby wanting dinner, and their pet dying. Really. It’s interesting isn’t it?

Consider that your success is dependent on the promises you keep.

To YOUR success,



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