Did you hear the one about the girl who made her millions overnight? Yeah, me neither. You know making dreams come true requires hard work -- and passion. My blog is all about helping people who have that passion, commitment and determination. This is SPEAKING OF SUCCESS, and I've got plenty to say.

Dealing with the challenges of securing startup funds as a female entrepreneur

You have a great idea and you have what it takes to bring it to fruition. What you need, of course, is some capital to get started.

So how can you get it? It’s a huge challenge for female entrepreneurs, likely bigger than you realize. Here’s what you’re up against:

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Entrepreneur litmus test: Sure-tell signs that you are ready to build your own business

Not everyone has what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. And you can’t just take a pop quiz to determine whether you’re cut out to create your own business.

Or can you?

Here’s a recent article from that will help you see if you have the traits that most entrepreneurs do. Don’t let this decide anything for you, but it might help you understand how entrepreneurs need to think and whether you are intuitively wired that way.

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From real estate to a digital show, Danisha Danielle is OWN-ing it

Such an exciting time for my friend and business partner Danisha Danielle Hoston!

She’s long been a top real estate broker, financial adviser and investor. Now, she can add another title to her list of entrepreneurial achievements: web series host.

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Past defining future: Visionaries highlight Women’s History Month

You know what’s better than celebrating women who have changed the way we think?

Celebrating WITH them.

That’s what CNN did this Tuesday as part of Women’s History Month. They gathered five members from their “CNN 10: Visionary Women” list and using Google Hangout, had a discussion about the future of women at work. Check out the article and some of the video discussions – great stuff.

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