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Top 4 Sure-Fire Ways To Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Have you ever met someone who was overly confident and wished that their overflow would rub off onto you to boost your confidence?It seems like a lot of people live their lives thinking that, if they just had a little bit of the confidence their overly assertive peers had, they would have the perfect amount they needed to succeed in building their own business and creating a positive image of themselves.

Sadly, it often doesn’t work like that. Those lacking confidence often hide behind the excuse of “just being shy” or some other excuse and never reach their full potential – either in their own lives or in building their businesses as entrepreneurs. This is what I want to help you fight back against today so that you can achieve the goal of being the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Four Tips for Instantly Building Confidence

Women who lack confidence usually also lack the character and image that are typically associated with confident people. Changing both of these things in your routine will help you become the confident person you want to be.

  • Start dressing like a confident person. Granted, most women have a dozen or more complaints about their bodies, but when they start to wear clothes to cover up each problem spot, a total lack of body image confidence is apparent. Wearing baggy sweats, jeans that are two sizes too big, T-shirts that could fit two of you instead of just one, and avoiding sleeveless and shorts during the summer are just a few cues that you’re afraid of people seeing who you really are. Well guess what – those clothes aren’t doing you any more justice than a mini skirt and tube top. Start dressing your size, experiment with colors besides black, and stop wearing your flannel sweat pants to the grocery store, and you’ll find that your confidence goes up a couple notches.
  • Experiment with new business ideas. You don’t have to turn every revolutionary thought into a new business, but when you come up with an idea you are passionate about, stop thinking of all the reasons it won’t work. Write down at least five reasons why it will work, even if you never end up acting upon them. This will get your mind on a new train of thought and enable you to at least consider starting new business ventures, rather than shooting them down right from the start.
  • Work out, even if it’s just a little. I’ve heard many women say they don’t see many results from working out – their last 15 pounds just won’t budge, or they can’t get that bikini body they had at 25. Well, working out isn’t just for your body. Your mind benefits immensely when you work out. Even if you don’t think you look as good as your yoga instructor at the YMCA after six weeks of hitting the gym, the rest of your mind will still have benefited from the exercise, especially in the area of self confidence.
  • Stop focusing on yourself all the time. One of the main reasons women have such a low level of self confidence is that they’re always thinking about themselves. What do people think of ME? What’s wrong with ME that I can’t be like her? Why don’t good business ideas always pop up in MY head? Destructive attitudes like these will hold you back, but when you start learning from others, focusing on their needs, helping out and complimenting random strangers you meet at the department store, you’ll stop thinking so much about your problems and begin to develop a better mental outlook.

These might sound pretty difficult at first, but that’s normal. If you need help to begin changing your mindset in your daily routine, you will find them at AWSC.