Your Perfect Body: Feel Confident & Sexy



Do you want to feel confident, motivated, and attractive? Are you looking for a new way to improve your body inside and out? We all want to feel sexy and confident, and now you can with this hypnosis album from Amy Applebaum Hypnosis.

Amy is a world-renowned life coach, NLP trainer, and Time-line Therapist, who has taken her knowledge of success, both business and personal, and created this hypnosis program to help you release from negative blocks and help you reach your life goals.

You deserve to have amazing self-confidence and energy, and hypnosis can help. Positive suggestions and binaural beats will be received by your mind, increasing motivation, energy levels, and confidence.

“Create Your Perfect Body” promotes healthy lifestyle changes and eating habits, along with exercise habits and beliefs you need to accomplish the body you feel great about. Don’t wait another day. Create your perfect body and get that self-confidence soaring today!

This album contains hypnosis instructions, two different inductions with optional “sleep” or “wake” endings, relaxing music, and affirmations and actions for change: