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Amy Applebaum, Founder and CEO of Amy Applebaum, Inc., “The coaching firm to the female entrepreneur,” is leading the revolution in bringing women to the forefront of today’s business and financial world.

Amy’s brand image epitomizes the competence, independence, and sensuality that female entrepreneurs idolize. Her brand is highly respected and admired within this market.

Former host of NBC’s Extra, Dayna Devon, says, “Amy is the Success Coach for a new generation.” But before becoming a leading success coach and author, Amy was a waitress in Beverly Hills. As much as she loves food, this was NOT her dream job. Amy finally made a bold commitment to claim her freedom and fulfill her dream of owning her own company.

As a newbie entrepreneur, Amy faced countless setbacks and struggles, but her unyielding dedication eventually lead her to success. Not wanting others to struggle the way she did, Amy launched a coaching company to help women succeed in business.

Amy’s success has landed her on almost every major media outlet, including

ABC News, CNN, TLC, Dr. Drew’s LifeChangers, Martha Stewart Radio, and much more…

Amy also serves as an expert to publications including The NY Times, The International Herald Tribune, Cosmopolitan, Figure Magazine, Teen and Woman’s World.

In addition to being a success coach, author, speaker, and sales & branding consultant for entrepreneurs & corporations, Amy is also a certified Hypnotherapist with a collection of over 100 Meditation & Hypnotherapy Downloads that you can find on her website, as well as traditional platforms like: iTunes, Amazon, Audible, etc. They have been met with 5 star reviews and best seller status.


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