You Got This Girl!

It doesn’t take tons of time or scary talent to be successful. You’ve already got what it takes. Now, you need to tap it. That’s where I come in. Let’s go!


What Should I Do?

Over the last week I was offered an incredible GROUND LEVEL opportunity with a new company where I could extend insider travel savings that beat out anything you could find on Travelocity or Priceline to people I know. An opportunity to be at the top of this revolutionary, disruptive global company. An opportunity that comes […]

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You MUST “Believe” Or…Quit

“It’s HARD TO BELIEVE that I CAN achieve my dreams.” I’ve been hearing some form of this “belief” a lot lately.  And I get it – you have no proof of success and you’ve been hitting a brick wall and so it seems hard to believe that you will, indeed, achieve success. But what makes […]

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Get Real

Let’s get honest about what you really want, and what you’re really willing to do to get there.


Time to push past fear, perfectionism, and excuses so you can put an action plan in place, and get your business moving …


Now’s the time to align all the pieces so that you can ensure lasting and sustainable success.

Look at these girls go!

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About Amy

My Epiphany

Hi! I’m Amy. I’m an entrepreneur, business coach, author, wife and mom of a bad-ass 3 year old! Phew! I totally understand the struggles that come with running your own business: trying to find time, prioritizing, deciding what to do…and when to do it?

The good news: It doesn’t require tons of time or scary talent to be successful. You’ve already got what it takes. Now, you just need to tap it. Fears? Yah. Doubts? Of Course! Failures along the way? Just part of the process. Welcome to entrepreneurship.

Now, let’s do this.