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“Now YOU Can Enjoy More Money, a Fulfilling Career, Better Health, Great Relationships and Unlimited Success …

It’s the solution you’ve been searching for… Amy Applebaum, Motivational Speaker, Celebrated Author and Columnist... and the Life Coach some of your favorite celebrities turn to when they need to get unstuck and break through their problems... is finally making her exclusive, time-tested, program
Bootcamp for Your Mind available to YOU with her book:
The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps.


Amy Has Helped
Countless People...

  • Transform Their Lives
  • Create Lasting Success
  • Realize Their Dreams
  • Live a Lifestyle They Thought Was Reserved Only for “Those Other People"

And Now it's YOUR TURN...

From: Amy Applebaum
Los Angeles, CA
March 18, 2009

Dear Friend,

Have you ever found yourself wishing you were living a different life?

One where you’re not “stuck” in a bad job, a bad relationship, a bad body… wondering why other people seem to be living their dreams, while you struggle, overwhelmed, tired and stressed out from dealing with all the problems in your life?

That’s how it was for Ellie when I first met her.
She was ready to leave her husband. Her teenage daughter was out of control. Her finances were in shambles, bill collectors were calling at all hours of the day and night. Her job, which she hated, was going nowhere. And to top it off, she dealt with her stress by polishing off a pint of ice cream every night, which led to an extra 30 pounds, even lower self esteem, and quickly deteriorating health.

Basically, her life was a nightmare.

And it looked like the lives of countless other people.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You don't have enough money to pay all your bills every month
  • You go to an unfulfilling job you can’t stand, day after day
  • You want to start a business, but not knowing where or how to begin
  • You have dreams and aspirations yet feel completely paralyzed to move forward on any of them
  • You are not able to set goals and achieve them
  • You are stuck in an unfulfilling relationship that lacks passion
  • You're not able to find a relationship
  • You constantly deal with "unresolvable" family issues
  • You're unable to lose weight, and get the body you desire
  • You lack organization, structure and discipline
  • You are always dealing with stress and frustration, feeling stuck in a situation or a life that seems inescapable

By now you’re probably reading one or more of these problems, nodding and thinking, “That sounds just like me.” And you might also be feeling a little ashamed for having these problems.

But what if I told you that you’re not alone?

That there are MILLIONS of people who feel the SAME WAY.

EVERYBODY has problems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a suburban soccer mom, the CEO of a major corporation, an elementary school teacher, a surgeon or a movie star. And the good news is… there’s a SOLUTION to all your problems!

Here’s how I know…

You may or may not have heard of me, seen my appearances on ABC or TLC, or read about me in magazines like Cosmo or Women’s World as the coach many celebrities turn to, to help them achieve their incredible success… but a few short years ago,
I was right where you are… frustrated with my life, struggling financially and wasting my college degree working as a waitress in a diner.

Well, that was until I got fired.

Yes, fired. For serving a difficult customer undercooked oatmeal. That she insisted I bring to her “immediately.” I thought my life was over! Although I wasn’t sad to say goodbye to a place I was allowing to suck the life out of me, it was still my livelihood, and now, it was gone. I had always been an “achiever” and a “go getter.” And I had been fired, not from some high-powered executive position, but from a diner. Over a bowl of undercooked oatmeal.

I was humiliated. I felt depressed. I wanted to crawl into a hole. I suffered for weeks. I panicked. I cried. I threw things, moped around, called myself a “loser,” and cried some more.

Then I had a breakthrough. I found the SECRET to solving my problems.

There was so much more to this scenario then “getting fired.” I realized I had been unhappy for a long time. I was settling in my life. Not doing what I wanted. All of the pain and dissatisfaction I had been experiencing was about the choices I had been making.

I didn’t have to work at that restaurant if it wasn’t making me happy. But, I chose to. I had been obsessing about my problems for months, feeling sorry for myself, blaming others and getting nowhere, when I could have spent that time deciding what to do about it, moving past my problems and creating the life I really wanted.

I hated working at that restaurant. And getting fired meant freedom. It was an opportunity for me to create the amazing life I had been putting off.

I instantly went from feeling sorry for myself to being excited!

The realization that my entire life could change in one moment, simply because I shifted my thinking, was the most powerful insight I had ever received.

My life hasn’t been the same since.

From this insight, Bootcamp for Your Mind was born. I discovered that no matter what the problem or obstacle it is that you face, with the appropriate thinking and the appropriate actions, your dreams CAN become a reality.

And my dreams did become a reality.

Now I work helping people solve their problems, achieve their goals, and live their wildest dreams. Which is just what I did for Ellie in the story above. She’s started her own business, making more money than she ever thought she would, patched up her relationship with her daughter, and brought the passion back into her marriage.

Many of my clients are people I had once only read about in magazines. Now they are in my office regularly, seeking my advice on how to break through their problems and create even more success.

I make my own hours, have more time to spend with my family, and my monthly income now is what I was making in a year of slinging oatmeal in that diner.

And the great thing is, you can use my 6 Simple Steps to solve any problem that’s been holding you back, at any time, and break through to achieve your goals and dreams.

Here's to your success!

Amy Applebaum
Creator, Bootcamp for Your Mind
Author "The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps."

Don't take my word for it...
Listen to Real-Life Success Stories From People Whose Lives Have Been Changed By My Program:
Mona Bergman
When Mona first came to me, she was overweight, deeply in dept, and suffered from severe self-esteem issues.

Mona Bergman

The Results After Using My 6 Simple Steps:

  • Mona lost 27 pounds, and her health improved dramatically
  • She got a big promotion at work, and her career and income took off
  • She met a wonderful man and got married
Steve Mass
Steve was smart and energetic, but lacked direction in his life.
He wanted to make more money and be able to support his family,
but he lacked vision, focus and self-confidence.

Steve Mass

The Results After Using My 6 Simple Steps:

  • Steve started his own successful business, and his monthly income has gone from $4,000/month to over $30,000/ month
  • He gained the financial stability to start a family with his wife
  • Steve is now a leader – giving high-profile presentations within his industry, and is starting a second successful business
Jes Hudak
Jes’ life was going nowhere. She sat on the couch all day watching TV. She had big dreams of a successful singing career,
and had the tremendous ability and talent to back it up,
but she just couldn't seem to get things started.

Jes Hudak

The Results After Using My 6 Simple Steps:

  • Jes found her dream job in NYC
  • She began singing and writing music every day
  • Jes recorded her first music demo and is negotiating with several labels for her first record deal

“Amy Applebaum is the personal coach for
a new generation.

She’s got a fresh approach that
gets people into action toward realizing
their dreams.

— Dayna Devon, host of NBC’s Extra.

“Amy Applebaum has Bootcamp for Your Mind,
which I think has to be the most important thing
you can focus on.

— Leeza Gibbons, TV Personality

“Amy can move almost anyone from problem to solution quickly.
She’s quite amazing. I see her as the next-generation Dr. Phil.”

— Steve Cohen, founding Executive Producer of Court TV, and former news director of WCBS in New York City and KCBS in Los Angeles

"During the time I had Amy as my coach, I was promoted twice in a two-year period, I gained tremendous confidence and clarity
about my skills, and I acquired a wealth of tools that
will always be at my disposal.

Thank you, Amy! You are amazing!"

— Brandon Scott, Former VP of Development Klasky Csupo

“Amy Applebaum’s work is truly extraordinary.

Her Bootcamp for Your Mind program actually
gets rid of problems.

You can’t help but have an amazing life after
you’ve gone through it.”

— Ray Trim, Former Director of Business Affairs - NBC/Universal

“When I met Amy I was miserable with my career. I couldn’t see a way out. I was stuck. She helped me see that I, in fact, wasn’t stuck.

I made a dramatic career shift and as a result, I am living a life that I love, in a career that is my true passion. I learned that, for me, it was
much more important to take a risk for something fabulous than to
stay in a “safe” place that kept me unhappy.

Without Amy, I would have still been in a stuck place
with my blinders on.”

— Keri Newell, CEO - Can’t Date Without It

“Amy Applebaum is whole-heartedly dedicated to helping her clients break through the obstacles on their road to success.

She has a rare combination of warmth and toughness that makes for a perfect boot camp drill sergeant.”

— Carol Lieberman, M.D., “Psychiatrist to the Stars”

“Amy believes in you, most importantly,
when you do not believe in yourself.

Her Bootcamp for Your Mind taught me techniques which helped me move forward with my life's goals. The communication skills she taught me have improved my leadership skills.

I used to avoid confrontation and now I can deal with difficult situations confidently and effectively. Being a food addict, I was in denial with how much food I was consuming.

Amy taught me the skills to deal with my weight issues with honesty and integrity. I will be forever grateful for her teachings and guidance.

Amy Applebaum is “the bomb!”

— Mishy Balaban

"My business floundered for 3 years, and I was consistently stuck
at $4000 per month of income.

I began working with Amy, applying her 6 Steps, and
after 60 days my income had shot from $4000 per month to $10,000 per month and kept growing!" 

— Agatha Kulesza, President - BOOK KEEPERS+

Bootcamp for Your Mind was such a fantastic experience for me.
I had two huge breakthroughs.

First, I learned that instead of trying to make myself work my schedule I needed to create a schedule that worked for me. By rearranging my day to take advantage of my energy levels I now find myself working less but getting so much more accomplished.

Second, I realized that I was trying to control things I had no control over. It was a huge energy drain, and I was getting in other peoples’ way.

Life is so much easier and better now that I'm focused on MY business instead of others.

Thank you, Amy, for all your help. You and your program are awesome.”

— Diane Kotula, RE/MAX Excalibur Realty

And This is Just a Very Small Sample of the Tons of Emails and Letters That Come Across My Desk Every Day...
(From the People Who Don’t Want Their Identities Kept Secret…)
It's Proof Positive That if These People Can Do It, So Can YOU!
You have my personal guarantee that you can do it!
And Here is a Small Sample of What You'll Learn...
Discover the most destructive thing you’ve probably been doing your entire life that’s perpetuating your problems and keeping you from achieving success. Many people are doing this right now, and don’t even realize it. Learn how to recognize when you do this, and how to replace it with something much more powerful.
I reveal the SECRET that highly successful people use to power through any obstacles in their way… I’ll tell you what it is, and it’s NOT what you might think.
There is ONE thing you absolutely have to do if you are serious about solving the problems that have been holding you back from living the life of your dreams. When you learn what it is, you'll see your results skyrocket.
I'll coach you to dig deep and uncover your REAL problems, and their root causes. And why not understanding this has contributed to a cycle of failures and disappointment.
If you're frustrated and tired of not getting the results you want, I'll show you two beliefs, when shifted even slightly, will make a profound change in your results, and in your life.
I expose the Big Illusion, and show you how to avoid falling victim to it, setting you up for unlimited success.
Discover the 10 types of destructive thinking that prevent ALL PEOPLE from achieving what they want, and learn how to shift your thinking, even beliefs you've held your entire life.
Learn the biggest flaw of traditional therapy, and why that and other NON ACTION ORIENTED methods of solving issues haven’t worked for you.
You'll discover how to STOP the cycle of being stuck dealing with the same problems over and over again, allowing you enjoy REAL SUCCESS.
I'll tell you the ROOT CAUSE of most people's failures, and what you can do to keep from falling into the same trap.
How to stay focused, even if you've never succeeded in any program, achieved the smallest goals, or followed through on anything in your life.
Proven techniques for dealing with that voice in your head that keeps tearing you down, filling you with negativity, and keeping you from your goals and dreams. I'll show you how to replace it with something so powerful, that voice will never be heard from again.
There's no therapy-speak or psycho-babble to confuse you, or gloss over your problems, making you merely think you're making progress. I use real terms and teach you real techniques and real strategies that you can put into action immediately.
There are three simple things you're doing right now, that you probably didn't even know you were doing, and they are stopping you from being successful. And once you become aware of them, you'll make instant, mind-blowing progress.
If you find yourself overwhelmed and buried under the weight of your daily responsibilities, I give you three strategies for reorganizing and supercharging your day, giving you more time to enjoy life, and less time stressing out.
Have you been a victim of the myth of failure? Don't believe it. Don't buy into it. Success is created, and I'll let you in on the keys to the kingdom.
Eliminate the fear of problems coming back to sabotage you and prepare yourself for the inevitable breakdowns.You'll be armed with all the tools and tactics you need to break through anything that comes your way.

Here's my promise to you: once you learn all of this - and the rest of my powerful techniques and strategies - you will make incredible and dramatic breakthroughs in your life.

And not in months or years... IMMEDIATELY!

And I know that you may be skeptical right now, but so were many of my clients when they first came to me. Until they used the process taught in 6 Simple Steps. And were able to push through problem after problem, and achieve goals and reach heights they once though impossible.

The reason is simple. Very, very few of us ever learned the proper way to deal with our problems. There were no classes in school to teach you what to do when a real problem presented itself. No one ever gave you a manual with step by step instructions for problem solving. Until now.

My program has worked for thousands of people all over the world. People just like you who were stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed out. The difference is...


And that's the catch. You actually have to do the work! Just reading about problem solving is like looking at a map of Paris and believing you are "traveling". You can't achieve real, powerful breakthroughs - the kind that will change your life, fill your bank account, bring you happiness, success and security - if you don't take my advice and actually DO SOMETHING about your problem.

The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps is for people who are tired of being unfulfilled, frustrated, stressed, unhappy or truly want to do something remarkable and extraordinary with their life, and live a life other people only dream of... And are willing to do the work required to get there. If you do that, then I have no doubt in my mind that you will achieve anything you want.

Take a minute to look at the KEYS TO UNLIMITED SUCCESS
you'll receive from my 6 Simple Steps:

Learn how to distinguish between “symptoms” and your "real problem." And why most people spend their lives constantly treating the symptoms, wondering why their problems never go away.
Learn why “trying really hard” to solve your problems never works, and how to achieve real results with an easier, more focused approach.
I’ll show you how to eliminate your problems fast - in days and weeks, not months and years. If you don’t move past your problems quickly,what started out as agitation and dissatisfaction, can turn to bitterness, anger, and defeat.
Understand the ways you’ve dealt with your problems in the past, consciously or unconsciously, and why those approaches have not gotten you the results you wanted.
Learn exactly what is involved in living a successful, problem free life - and how to keep yours that way.
Have you spent years and a small fortune going through traditional therapies, only to feel you’ve made no progress? I’ll explain why, and give you a proven alternative.
Are you overwhelmed by a “piling on” of problems, and feel like you’ll never get out from under them? I give you a way of solving each of them that will have you feeling capable and powerful, and get you the results you’re looking for.
Lost? Don’t have any idea of where you are going? It may sound basic, but without a clear picture of what you want, you’ll never achieve your goals. I show you step-by-step how to get where you want to be.

Learn how recognize and avoid making choices based on what OTHERS want, which can paralyze your progress, and make you feel like you're living life in a prison. I’ll teach you how to stop living for others instead of yourself, stop living with the consequences of their choices, and make powerful choices that empower you.

There are a number of very common potential traps that many people fall into when determining what they want. I’ll show you what they are and how to avoid them.
Did you know that in order to get clear on what you want, you must have an understanding of your values? Values form a reference point for every choice you make, and without this understanding you risk making repeated bad choices, that will keep you from your success.
Do you have a “vision”? It’s one of the most important components of success, and I’ll show you how not having one has kept you stuck, and how to create a powerful new vision that will become the driving force behind your new abundance.
Do you suffer from “destructive thinking”? Investigate the 10 types of destructive thinking that actually create problems in your life, and stop you from getting positive results.
Learn how to undo your current thinking - that you’ve created through interpretation of events in your life - and replace it with a new way of thinking that sets you up to succeed.
Do you know what your limiting beliefs are? They’ve been preventing you from moving past your problems. I’ll show you how to recognize them and how they affect you and those around you.
I’ll show you how important “Self Awareness” is in getting what you want, and why it’s consistently one of the biggest obstacles in achieving your goals.
Learn what C.A.P. is, and why it’s such a powerful tool in creating lasting success.
There is a Code that the most successful people in the world live by that virtually guarantees their continued success. I’ll show you what it is, and how you can use it to create a more powerful life.
You are going to come up against resistance from yourself and others as you put these new techniques and ways of addressing problems into action. Learn how to recognize when this is happening, and how to over come it.
Have an Inspector? Having one is critical and I’ll walk you through the process of creating one.
Are you the type of person who wants to make a change in your life, but you never do anything about it? You suffer from something that I will explain to you in Step 5, and once you discover it could change your life forever.
I'll show you how, if you're constantly taking inappropriate action, or no action at all, you're never going to get there. Period. I'll guide you to take the ncessary actions to get where you want to go.
No one can make it on their own, you need a strong team behind you to ensure your success. You’ll get the framework for building a committed team to keep you accountable.
Learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals that are big, bold and exciting.
Learn powerful strategies for getting organized, strategies that will have you accomplishing more in less time, and help eliminate the stress and frustration that have been keeping you from enjoying life to the fullest.

The biggest obstacle between YOU being incredibly successful, totally fulfilled and living the life that you deserve… is YOU!

  • YOU need to BELIEVE that you can be successful.
  • YOU need to take ACTION to make the change.

I have coached hundreds of people just like you, people who thought they were not talented enough, not smart enough, too unlucky, too lazy, and the biggest excuse of all… too DESTINED for failure. Are you kidding me? NO ONE is destined to fail, and NO ONE is beyond achieving success.

Now, you may have had expert advice and gone to traditional therapy, spent hard earned money, tried to make what they told you work, and not had any success. So you stayed stuck in the same problems you had before. And now you’re feeling you’re beyond help.

Here’s my response: WRONG! You can enjoy the same incredible breakthroughs my other clients have had, time after time after time. My program gives you the tools, and gets you to take action towards getting real solutions and results NOW, not simply talking about your problems over and over.

And the only difference between the people who are successful and living their dreams, and the people who aren’t, is: Successful people KNOW they need some kind of coaching to get them “unstuck.”

Even when they are already technically “successful” according to society's standards, they know that when they feel stuck, when they come up against obstacles, that they need help breaking through. Which is why celebrities and highly successful business people regularly use my program.

They Invest in Their Lives, and You
Should Too. You Owe it to Yourself.

Order Now and Start
Creating the Life of Your Dreams.

YES, Amy! I'm Ready to Achieve Incredible Breakthroughs and Order "The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps." Right Here Today!

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You Can’t Afford to Wait Any Longer…

Your problems aren’t going to magically disappear. They don’t have an expiration date, that if you could just hold on a little while longer, will arrive and they’ll be over. In fact, in most of the cases I’ve seen, problems left without taking action, tend to compound. And lead to additional problems.

So, if you’re still reading this - and you still haven’t taken action - I have to ask you, what are you waiting for? Are you questioning investing your money (less than it costs to go out to dinner), to finally find the solutions to what’s been keeping you from creating the life you want?

By not taking a chance on my 6 Simple Steps, you may struggle forever. Miss opportunities. Bend under the stress and pressure. Continue to suffer financially. You can read book after book after book… bounce from expert to expert, and still never discover the true secrets to dealing with your problems head on, conquering them, and arming yourself with the tools and techniques you need to continually keep those problems at bay.

If you truly want to:

  • Have enough money to not only take care of your family, but also take vacations, dine out, and buy nice things…
  • Get up every morning and go to work at a job that inspires and challenges you…
  • Start your own business, create a career doing something you truly enjoy, and make money for yourself instead of an ungrateful boss…
  • Bring passion and excitement into your relationships…
  • Live in a body that’s fit and trim and healthy…
  • Eliminate stress and frustration, resolve family issues, and bring harmony to your home…

...Then “The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps.” can provide you with the process you need to truly transform your life into the one you’ve always dreamed of… and give you the techniques you’ll use to keep it that way for the rest of your life.

Just as it did for these people...

“Prior to working with Amy, I had been experiencing terrible migraines with increasing frequency, sometimes as many as nine in one month.

I had been to several doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors and neurologists only to find temporary relief.

What I realized shortly after working with Amy was that my migraines were a direct result of how I was conducting my life.

Since I began with Amy, 3 months ago, I have only had 2 migraines that went away with Tylenol! I launched a new career, doubled my income, lessened my workload by half and learned how to set
boundaries with people.

It doesn’t get better than that! You’re the best!”

— Jenny Rowe, Massage Therapist

“My business is about relationships. Before I met Amy I was very shy, stuck, and uncomfortable communicating with others.

Amy taught me how to like myself and embrace what I had to offer to others. As a result of learning how to communicate and network, my business has doubled.

And now people call me for networking tips. I'd say this is a win-win situation! Thank you, Amy!”

— Sheril Porter, Arbonne Consultant

“Amy has more depth and breadth of tools, processes, and assignments than anyone I've ever been mentored by.

She is extraordinary!

Through our Breakthrough Session and monthly coaching, I was able to develop time management and prioritization skills and drastically improve my daily productivity.

But my biggest breakthrough was realizing that I was putting so much on my To-Do list that it was impossible to get it done, and then I would make myself “wrong” because of the things left unfinished.

Breaking this pattern freed up my energy to focus on what I really wanted to accomplish - achieving a VP position with my company.

Numbers don't lie: after applying the principles I had worked on with Amy, my monthly team production went from just under $15,000 to over $62,000 in only 4 months!

— Kirsten Ramasar, Arbonne Consultant

"When I signed up with Amy I was working hard just to pay off debt, hoarding every dime in fear I'd never have enough money.

Amy made me see that what I focused on would only expand and that I needed to start spending my money more freely. Focusing on happiness, prosperity and purpose would bring me all the wealth I needed while focusing on debt would only bring me more debt.

I have since started my own business and am spending money freely while all the work I can handle is pouring in to replenish my account.

I shifted my views on work and money and things haven't
been the same since."

— Jodi Nelson, Founder - PLAY It Forward Adventures

“Amy Applebaum is simply amazing! I want to send to her everyone I love in my life who is looking for a change.

When I met Amy, I was overworked and underpaid and having a hard time figuring out what in my business wasn’t working. I knew I needed help being a better businesswoman, but I simply didn’t know how.

She listened to everything I was struggling with, validated my efforts, showed compassion with my most personal thoughts, and challenged the part of my belief system that held me back in my business.

With my new daily beliefs, and her personalized assignments, Amy allowed me to grow up, as a person and as a business owner.
Her enthusiasm and encouragement motivated me to be someone I
thought I could never be.

I’ve been to years of therapy, and Amy’s coaching is like
therapy on steroids!

Her coaching as a business (and life) investment was invaluable.
Thank you Amy!”

— Anne McElwain, Photographer

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Because of this extraordinary value, and the high demand for my program and these materials, I must reserve the right to raise the cost at any time. My original plan was to charge $96 for this package, but in light of the current economy, and against the advice of my business advisors, I wanted to make it as affordable as possible. But I may not be able to do that forever, and I may have to raise the price back up to $96 by the end of the month. So I advise you to take advantage of the price drop right now.

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If you don’t feel I’ve provided you with the best, and most effective, tools and techniques to identify, address and eliminate even the toughest problems you are facing, then simply send me an email and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked. No explanations necessary. And you can even keep the collection of 7 Life-Changing, Success-Boosting Bonuses as my gift.

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Many of us spend a lot of time waiting for our lives to happen. We hope that one day our problems will go away and we will begin getting the results we want. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Our problems and obstacles, when left unsolved, linger, draining us of energy and wasting our time. Our desires and goals, when left unaccomplished, kill our spirit and leave us unfulfilled.

So, ask yourself what you are waiting for. If you want a career you are passionate about, exciting relationships, lots of money, a fantastic body, it's not going to happen by waiting for it. It's going to happen because you DO something about it.

There is no time like RIGHT NOW. Some of us don't know how. Some of us aren't self-disciplined. Some of us are afraid. Whatever your reason, give it up! Break through your problems, and start creating the life that you want for yourself, NOW. Every moment of your life, IS YOUR LIFE.

Amy Applebaum
Creator, Bootcamp for Your Mind
Author "The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps."

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Order "The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps." Now

“I wanted to say how appreciative I am of what you have done
for me and my family.

I have been amazingly productive as result of the work we're doing,
and as I was sitting at my desk last night enjoying the
peace and happiness in my house, it struck me how far things have
come in the last year.

Unbelievable! Thank you.”

— Todd Brown, CEO - West Post Digital

“When I first came to Amy I was scraping by with my business, in debt, powerless and needed a change in my life.

She helped me change all that in our first three months.

My income went up almost 40% and I’m completely out of debt.

I look forward to new ventures in my life because I know that she will be there to help focus and drive me to be my best.”

— Leon Lavigne, CEO - Beverly Hills Fitness Group

“After 3 years of conventional therapy,
I didn’t feel any closer to a fulfilling life.

In fact, my life was a mess.

I was divorcing my husband after 27 years of marriage. I didn’t know how I would survive since I’d been a full-time mom for 15 years.
I was constantly in a state of feeling terrified, trapped
and overwhelmed.

After only three months of coaching with Amy,
I was able to make critical changes.

Amy designed a Breakthrough Plan for me that targeted what I
needed to focus on
. She helped me improve my communication
and coping skills
so I could navigate my way through a difficult
divorce, maintain a good relationship with my daughter, and a
civil relationship with my now ex-husband.

Amy helped me build confidence in the area of finances allowing me to make choices about monetary matters without unwarranted fear.

I feel like I can breathe now.

Hiring Amy was the best investment I’ve ever made
in myself and my future.”

— T. Hannigan

Order "The Secret to Solving All Your Problems Forever... In 6 Simple Steps" Now
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