Steve Mass

The client: Steve Mass

Steve is a smart, energetic guy who was lacking direction in his life.

He wanted to make more money and do right by his family, but with no vision, no organizational skills and self–confidence running low, his outlook was not so good.


The goals!

  • Make more money
  • Start his own business
  • Overcome a fear of public speaking

The plan!

Amy immediately saw that there was great potential in Steve, and targeted the two things really holding him back – his poor organizational skills and low self-confidence.   Amy shifted Steve’s belief in himself – and created assignments to help build up his confidence.  She also got him organized — creating a clear picture of what needed to be done and a plan for success.

Together, Amy and Steve then set out to begin accomplishing his vision of having his own company, one step at a time.

The results!

  • Steve started his own successful business and his monthly income went from $4,000/month to over $30,000/ month
  • He gained the financial stability to start a family with his wife
  • Steve started giving high-profile presentations within his industry and started a second successful business

*By his own definition, Steve got his “butt kicked” by Amy as she challenged him to overcome his fears, get organized and start doing the things he’d been talking about for years.

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Published on March 3rd, 2010

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