Check out just a few of the individuals that Amy Applebaum has helped transform into independent, empowered, and successful business women and entrepreneurs!

Jes Hudak

The client: Jes Hudak

Jes was stuck.  Her life was going nowhere as she sat
on the couch all day watching TV.

Jes had big dreams and tremendous ability, but she just couldn’t seem to get things started.

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Mona Nigro

The client: Mona Nigro

Mona was overweight, deeply in debt and suffered from
severe self-esteem issues.

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Steve Mass

The client: Steve Mass

Steve is a smart, energetic guy who was lacking direction in his life.

He wanted to make more money and do right by his family, but with no vision, no organizational skills and self–confidence running low, his outlook was not so good.

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