What Is a Life Coach, and Why Do I Need One?

Of all the questions that I get asked at women’s conferences and speaking events, I’d have to say that this one comes up the most: What is a life coach? And it’s almost humorous, because it would seem that the very term in and of itself is explanatory, but when it comes down to it, it really isn’t. Due to the varying nature of women who serve as life coaches, they can mean different things to different people.

At the very heart, a life coach is someone who listens to your dreams and goals and then sitsAmy's Blog-What Is a Life Coach-Thinkstock163749763 you down and helps you strategize a way to achieve those aspirations. A life coach is often hired for services involving business plans, but they also help achieve other personal successes, such as weight loss and time management.

Now of course, having someone in your life that just tells you what to do isn’t enough to actually achieve those goals. You have to be willing to take action in order to achieve anything in life, which is where the motivational aspect of life coaches comes in. If the coach is a good one, she will schedule weekly or monthly calls or web sessions with you to make sure you stay motivated throughout your journey. If you don’t, she should be able to pinpoint what your holdup is and help you overcome any obstacles that get in the way.

So what does this type of coach actually DO? Do they just call you up every week, give you a spiel about what your assignments are and leave you with a few platitudes to live by? Well, let’s hope not, or you should look into getting a different coach! If she’s doing her job properly, she should be keeping you challenged by helping you set tangible goals that you can achieve daily, weekly and monthly. Of course, she should also encourage you to develop long term goals as well, ones that fit into a larger scale and are more of a hallmark in your timeline, so to speak.

What a life coach should NOT do is take over for you when the going gets rough. It may sometimes be tempting for a coach to do too much – that is, to handle work for you that you could most surely handle yourself. It’s not unkind if they tell you that YOU should do something yourself, especially if it stretches you out of your comfort zone.

Now that you know what life coaches are and what their main objective is in helping you reach your goals, you can decide if hiring one is something you would like to pursue. If you do not have any other person in your life that you can look to for guidance or help with business or personal goals, then I would highly recommend getting in touch with one, as they know the way to help you get from Point A to Point B to achieve the most success in your life.







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Published on May 7th, 2013

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