Digging into Branding: What Goes into Branding Your Company

“Branding” your company… it sounds like such a fun, productive endeavor that you just want to dive right in and start, doesn’t it? In a way, branding does happen to be the “fun part” if you enjoy researching the competition and their products, creating an easily identifiable logo for your own company and products, perhaps coming up with a slogan or catch phrase for people to remember you by, and finally, a strategy whereby you alert the public to your new brand.

But if that’s not your thing, you might have quite a piece of work ahead of you. However, take heart! Many others have gotten through it, and so will you.

Knowing the Purpose of Branding

Branding goes beyond just marketing and advertising. In some of my own personal experiences, certain branding strategies don’t necessarily need to show increased earnings, just increased exposure.

For example, at one particular job I had, the purpose of our Facebook advertising strategy was to use short, poignant ads telling our customers why a certain brand of vehicle fit their needs more than all the rest. In doing so, we would give descriptions of how the dealership was more family oriented than any other, and how the buying experience was so much more enjoyable than at the leading competition’s dealerships.

Note that I did not mention that the prices were cheaper than any other vehicle in its class (because they weren’t), nor did this particular strategy tie in with another of our strategies, which was to give away a free gift with a test drive. Nope, all we wanted to do was build our brand’s reputation and make us a more desirable choice.

Building Your Brand

Have you ever wondered why it’s called “building your brand” or “building brand awareness?” Because a lot more goes into branding than just creating an ad for marketing or making a logo. There are several aspects of branding, most of which every company, including yours, needs to address. In essence, you really DO have to “build” it.

One way to build your brand is to make your logo or trademark visually represent your company in such a way that with one glance, consumers recognize it right away. For instance, Target did that when they chose a simple red bulls-eye for their logo. One glimpse at that bulls-eye in a magazine or online ad, and you don’t need Target’s name next to the logo to identify the company. In other words, they used branding to their advantage well.

Are you beginning to see how the whole branding thing works? It’s not too hard to start putting the pieces together once you really get the ball rolling.

So now you have a clearer overall picture of branding, but probably don’t know where to start. That’s okay, because that’s what the purpose of my coaching club, “Release Your Inner Millionairess,” is. With different levels for different needs, I guarantee that my personal coaching will help you in just about any aspect of your business – especially in the realm of branding!

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Published on November 8th, 2012

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